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Jayme Illien is the founder of happytalism, a new economic system, socio-political philosophy, and global development paradigm, which places the primacy of happiness, wellbeing, and freedom at the center of economic and human development, and all life, and seeks the happiness, wellbeing, and freedom of all life on earth.[1][2]

Jayme Illien
Jayme Illien United Nations Special Advisor.jpg
Founder of Happytalism, CEO United Nations New World Order Project
Adam (named by Saint Mother Teresa at orphanage)

Alma materTufts University, Sciences Po
OccupationFounder of Happytalism, CEO of United Nations New World Order Project, Founder of International Day of Happiness
Known forFounder of Happytalism, CEO of United Nations Nations New World Order Project, International Day of Happiness, Democratization of Global Financial Markets
  • Saint Anna Belle (mother)

Happytalism is Illien’s theory and proposal for a new economic system and paradigm, to solve and address the great challenges facing humanity in the 21st century and beyond, such as ending poverty, extreme inequality, war, disease, hunger, climate change, gender bias & discrimination, racism, sexism, mental health, and all human suffering, and harnessing the power of new technologies and ways of thinking, and new possibilities presented by the 4th and 5th industrial revolution, with the ultimate goal of achieving the happiness, well-being, and freedom of all humankind, and advancing the human condition, and humanity forward.[3]

Illien is a global activist, economist, and political theorist who is CEO of the United Nations New World Order Project launched in 2008, with co founder Ndaba Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa, who led the revolution and movement that ended apartheid, and "gave birth to a new nation, a new political party, and a new era of democratic governance in South Africa, and the African Continent."[4][5]

Illien was born in South Asia in September of 1980, somewhere in the region encompassing north and east India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh, in an era where extreme poverty, famine, war and conflict, refugee mass migration, as well as, broad-spread economic, political, social, religious, and ethnic upheaval and strife, were commonplace. The initial moments of IIlien's life are obscure and unknown. Illien became an orphan at an early age, possibly at, or around birth through abandonment, or due to the death of one or both parents. Illien was “found by the side of the road in Kolkata, widely known as the "city of joy", by missionaries of an orphanage founded by Mother Teresa, who gave him the name 'Adam', and sent him to live in the United States of America, with a nurse named Anna Belle".[6][7]

Illien is also CEO at Morpheum an institutional research, development, and investment organization focused on new, emerging, and frontier technologies, and more broadly, their implications for companies, industries, nations, people, governance, the global economy, the international financial system, society, and humankind.[8][9]

Illien is a digital, new economy, and fintech pioneer known for launching, investing in, and leading growth of, new concepts, companies, technologies, from start up, into multitrillion-dollar global operations, and planetary movements.[8][1]

Illien has led multiple start ups including the first internet based currency exchange and trading operations, which connected multinational financial institutions, and global investment banks (such as Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, HSBC, and Barclays), global central banks (such as US Federal Reserve, People's Bank of China, Bank of Japan, and the Bank of England), investment funds, and financial regulators (such as the US CFTC, UK FSA, and Australia's ASIC), and took the global currency markets online in 206 countries and territories, democratized access to global currency markets and the international financial system for millions, accelerated mass global adoption of a totally new financial asset class which contributed to a more open and inclusive global economy and an international financial system that works for all,[10] produced trillions of dollars in global currency transactions, and became the top 1-5 ranked online currency exchange worldwide for more than a decade, according to organizations like the European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund, FX Week, the World Bank, and the Bank for International Settlements.[11][12][8]

Illien is also known for conceptualizing and founding the United Nations International Day of Happiness and the UN New Economic Paradigm Project, which resulted in all 193 UN member states and UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon supporting and adopting two new UN resolutions, UN 65 309 and UN 66 281, recognizing happiness as a human right, the “pursuit of happiness as a fundamental human goal, and the UN’s call for a new economic paradigm of “gross global happiness” and the “global happiness and wellbeing of all life on earth”.[1][13][14][15]

Illien is also a global economist and security expert who serves as United Nations representative for Economists for Peace and Security an international network of the world's leading economists, security experts, and senior policy advisors, including its trustees and fellows, encompassing seventeen nobel economists, several former heads of state, former US cabinet members, and Ministers of Finance, Trade, Economy, and Defense, at the United Nations, on a range of topics, including reform of the international monetary and financial system, and happiness and wellbeing defining a new economic paradigm to advance the global economy and human development.[16][17][18][19][14]

Previously, Illien served as United Nations Iraq Advisor after being recruited by the US Central Intelligence Agency of the US Department of Defense, a program which he left to serve at the UN.

Illien is on the board of HueCore Inc, an artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, internet of things, automotive technology company, alongside billionaire investor J Christopher Burch, CEO of private equity firm Burch Creative Capital, and co founder of fashion brand Tory Burch, and Lex Fenwick, former CEO of Bloomberg appointed by founder Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York City, and potential candidate for President of the United States in 2020.[20][21][22]

Jayme is also Chairman at UNIDOHappiness, the UN initiative to implement UN resolution 66 281, and board member at Illien Global, an international human development company, which works with government, the private sector, the nonprofit sector, and academia, among other stakeholders, to advance the human condition and world happiness. Illien Global was originally founded in 1980 as Illien Adoptions International Inc, a non profit international adoption and child social welfare humanitarian agency, which places orphaned and abandoned children into permanent and foster families, and which was started when Jayme was rescued from the streets of Calcutta, India, and became the organization's first adoptee.[23][24][25][26][27][28]

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Early lifeEdit

Mother Teresa orphan, international adoption, child refugees, early humanitarian workEdit

Jayme Illien was born in Kolkata, India, abandoned on the roadside as an infant, and taken to Mother Teresa’s International Mission of Hope orphanage.[29][30][31] Jayme was later adopted by a single, white, forty-five year old American woman, who founded Illien Adoptions International.[32] From an early age, Jayme grew up traveling with his adoptive mother, and later alone, to orphanages around the world as part of the family’s non profit humanitarian work with orphans, refugees, and displaced children, women, and families.[33]

Over more than three decades of working on the front lines of international adoption and with child refugees fleeing war, and living in poverty, Jayme was exposed first hand to their plight, and continuously theorized about the root causes of, and solutions to, the misery of children he calls his brothers and sisters, and “children like me”, who lose their parents or family due to poverty, war, famine, and related causes. Jayme has felt a lifelong sense of responsibility "to do something about it”, and a "responsibility to do something with what I've been given”.[33][32]

UN Convention on the Rights of the ChildEdit

From early childhood into his teenage years, Jayme Illien became a vocal advocate for child human rights, and international adoption policy that protects children, promotes their health, happiness, and wellbeing, and seeks to build and preserve families across borders through foster care and international adoption, and through humanitarian projects that target the root causes with sustainable and systemic based solutions. Illien was also responsible for working with national and international regulators on new structures, rules, and policies to implement the UN convention on the Rights of the Child on international adoption, child and human rights.[33]

US Department of State, diplomacy, and governmental advocacyEdit

Jayme Illien traveled as a representative and diplomat on behalf of Illien adoptions international, to ministries of foreign governments and nations where Illien had projects and operations around the world. Jayme Illien served as senior representative, advisor, and diplomat representing Illien adoptions working with the United States Department of State on international adoption, immigration, child trafficking, and child human rights issues.[33]

CEO United Nations New Economic Paradigm project and happytalism founder Jayme Illien with mother Anna Belle Illien at US Department of State during high level conference on international adoption and orphaned and abandoned children.


Jayme attended at Atlanta International School on scholarship for grade school joining as one of the first students when AIS was founded in 1984. In 1993, when Jayme was 14, his family experienced a financial crisis associated with increasing costs of providing adoption services to orphaned, abandoned, and foster children combined with a decrease in charitable contributions. Consequently, Jayme and his family moved to Memphis, Tennessee, which offered a lower cost of living. To make ends meet, Jayme's mother worked the graveyard shift as a nurse, while managing the non profit adoption agency during daytime from a home office.[34]

At 14, Jayme applied for and was granted a hardship license by the State of Tennessee, and a work permit enabling him to earn income to support his education, his family and their humanitarian work, and to drive himself, his siblings, and foster children living in the home to school. With the support of financial aid and scholarships, Jayme was able to attend Memphis University School, an all boys prep school in Tennessee where he graduated in 1998.[35]

Jayme attended Tufts University in Medford Massachusetts from 1998-2002 where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in Economics and International Relations, and a minor in entrepreneurial leadership.[36]

At Tufts, Jayme was accepted into the Institute for Global Leadership EPIIC program, for which he studied post soviet privatization in Russia and dissolution of the Soviet Union, and completed critical research on the Yugoslav wars and the Bosnian genocide. Jayme attended Sciences Po for a one-year degree program at the same time as French President Emmanuel Macron. During this period Jayme worked at Goldman Sachs Asset Management (formerly known as Archon Group, a 100% owned subsidiary of Goldman Sachs) managing a global merger and acquisitions project between France, Italy, Japan, and USA.[37]


Prior to founding the United Nations International Day of Happiness (UNIDOHappiness), and serving as United Nations Adviser, Jayme Illien was the founder, CEO, and Global Head of dbFX, an online global digital currency and commodities trading service of Deutsche Bank, which he launched in over 180 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America, and North America from 2006-2008.[38][39] Jayme also served as CEO of Swissquote Bank's Advanced Currency Markets USA from 2009-2011. Jayme was also senior managing director at from FXCM from 2002-2006.[40] Jayme Illien played an integral role, working alongside current FXCM CEO Brendan Callan, and FXCM founder and former CEO Drew Niv, in leading FXCM's growth from a start up into one of the largest digital currency, technology driven, online investment, trading, and education firms in the world dedicated to promoting financial inclusion, and democratizing access to global financial market for all.[41]

In 2014, the European Central Bank named FXCM, the world's 3rd largest currency broker.[42][12] FXCM completes approximately $200 billion to $250 billion in monthly transactions worldwide, and $2 trillion to $4 trillion a year.[11][43]

Deutsche Bank was voted #1 in Foreign Exchange by the Euromoney FX poll from 2005-2013.[44][45]

Jayme Illien is lead advisory board member for HueCore, an artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, internet of things, automotive technology company.[20] Illien serves on Huecore's advisory board alongside lead investor billionaire J Christopher Burch, CEO of private equity / venture capital firm Burch Creative Capital[46] and co founder of fashion brand Tory Burch;[47] and Lex Fenwick former CEO of Bloomberg (appointed by founder Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York, when he ran in 2001), and former CEO of Dow Jones and Company, publisher of The Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Marketwatch, Smartmoney, Factiva and board member at the MoMA PS1.[21][48][49]

Illien is advisor at Blockspeed.com, an institutional cryptocurrency and digital asset investment strategy and research firm, which specializes in analyzing underlying value of digital assets, initial coin offering research, and ongoing institutional token coverage.[50][51]

In his political, diplomatic, and philanthropic life, Jayme has worked as an adviser and representative at the United Nations on several international policy issues such as Sustainable Economic Development, Happiness and Well-being: Defining a New Economic Paradigm, Poverty, Disarmament, Peacekeeping and International Security.[52][53][54][38][55][56][57]

Illien conceptualized the idea for an international day of happiness.[58] Illien drafted and lobbied for United Nations Resolution 66/281,[58] which proclaimed March 20 the International Day of Happiness, and was adopted by consensus of all 193 member countries in 2012.[59][60][61][62][63][64][65][66][67][68]

In 2011, Jayme Illien became Chairman and CEO of Illien Global Public Benefit Corporation, which was originally founded in 1980 by his mother Anna Belle Illien as Illien Adoptions International, Inc, a not for profit international adoption and child social welfare organization. The organization aimed to help abandoned or orphaned children by permanently allocating them families and homes.[69]

UN meeting on happinessEdit

On April 2012, the United Nations hosted its first High Level Meeting on Happiness and Wellbeing: Defining a New Economic Paradigm. The meeting was attended by Heads of State and High Level UN Delegates. At the meeting, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stated, "Gross National Product has long been the yardstick by which economies and politicians have been measured. Yet it fails to take into account the social and environmental costs of so-called progress. We need a new economic paradigm that recognizes the parity between the three pillars of sustainable development. Social, economic and environmental well-being are indivisible. Together they define Gross Global Happiness."[15][70][71][72][73][74][15]

Jayme Illien recommended to then United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon[75] to reserve March 20 as an entire day dedicated to happiness,[76][77] therefore, creating a basis for the resolution.[55][78][79][80][81][66][75][82]

In popular cultureEdit

Pharrell Williams teamed up with the United Nations to promote the International Day of Happiness with his hit song Happy in 2015.[83][84][85][86][87][88][89][90][58] The song received controversial coverage when six Irani kids were arrested for making a video for the International Day of Happiness.[91][92]

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