Jaume Cardona

Jaume Francesc Folc de Cardona i de Gandia[1] (1405-1 December 1466) was a Catholic cardinal. He was bishop of Urgell, then in the Principality of Catalonia, and the 22nd president of the Generalitat de Catalunya between 1443 and 1446.

He was chosen as a cardinal by Pope Pius II on 18 December 1461.


Canon and Archedian in Barcelona, perpetual administrator of the abbey of Santa Maria de Solsona and ecclesiastical deputy of the Provincial Council of the General of Catalonia. In 1445 he was appointed Bishop of Vich. He was a pontifical endorsement of Pope Nicholas V. In 1549 he was transferred to the Diocese of Girona and in 1461 to Urgel.

Pope Pius II created him cardinal in the consistory of 18 December 1461. Cardona never went to Rome to receive the cardinal cape and did not participate in the conclave of 1464 (election of Paul II).


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