Jauhar ul-Alam

Sultan Jauhar ul-Alam Amauddin Syah (died 1726) was the twenty-first sultan of Aceh. He ruled very briefly in 1726. Some sources date his reign in 1723.[1]

Jauhar ul-Alam
Sulṭān of Acèh Darussalam
PredecessorJamal ul-Alam Badr ul-Munir
SuccessorSyamsul Alam
BornBanda Aceh, Aceh Sultanate, Ottoman Empire (now Indonesia)
Banda Aceh, Aceh Sultanate, Ottoman Empire (now Indonesia)

Under the name Panglima Maharaja he was originally the local maharaja of Kampong Pahang. He was also a counselor to his overlord, Sultan Jamal ul-Alam Badr ul-Munir. The latter was badly cornered by a rebellion by one of the sagis (regions) in 1726 and had to take refuge in a fortress. As the other sagis joined the uprising, Jamal ul-Alam fled to Pidië on the advice of Panglima Maharaja. After some political chaos Panglima Maharaja stepped forward and was enthroned, although he had previously sworn not to betray Jamal ul-Alam.[2] He took the regnal title Sultan Jauhar ul-Alam Amauddin Syah but died after only seven (or twenty) days. In his place the chiefs chose Wandi Tebing alias Syamsul Alam as sultan.[3]


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Preceded by Sulṭān of Acèh Darussalam
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