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Jaswinder Singh Bhalla (born 4 May 1960) is an Indian actor actor and comedian who works in Punjabi cinema. He is also an academic staff at the Punjab Agricultural University.[1] He started his professional career as a comedian in 1988 with Chankata 88 and became actor with film Dulla Bhatti. He is Goria best known for his comedy series Chankatta and comedy roles in various Punjabi films. He is famous for always using taglines in his movies, and bringing a comic touch to movies through them. He also performs in stage acts and has done tours of Canada and Australia for his stage show Naughty Baba in Town.[2]

Jaswinder Bhalla
Born Jaswinder Singh Bhalla
(1960-05-04) 4 May 1960 (age 58)
Doraha, Dt. Ludhiana, Panjab
Other names Chacha Chatar Singh
Alma mater Ph.D. in Agriculture Science at Punjab Agricultural University
  • Actor
  • stand-up comedian
Years active 1988-present
Children Pukhraj Bhalla
Comedy career
  • Comedy
  • films
  • stage
Notable works and roles



Jaswinder Bhalla was born on 4 May 1960 in the town of Doraha, Ludhiana . His father Master Bahadur Singh Bhalla was a primary school teacher in village Barmalipur . He got his basic education from Senior Secondary School Doraha.


He did his Ph.D. in Agriculture Science from Punjab Agricultural University [1] and is a full-time professor at PAU as well.

Comedy careerEdit

He started performing on Independence day and Republic day shows . Jaswinder Bhalla and two of schoolmates got selected for All India Radio in 1975 . As a student at Punjab Agricultural University, Jaswinder Bhalla had done comedy performances in university programmes. He started his professional career in 1988 along with co-performer Bal Mukund Sharma with audio cassette Chhankata 1988.[3] Bal Mukund Sharma and Jasiwnder Bhalla were classmates in Punjab Agriculture University.[4] Word Chankata originated from the college level annual show performed by Bhalla and Sharma in PAU. They were noticed by Doordarshan Kendra, Jalandhar while performing in Professor Mohan Singh Mela (cultural festival) on personal backing of Punjabi author Jagdev Singh Jassowal. He has released over 27 audio and video albums of Chankata series. Apart from Bal Mukund Sharma, Neelu Sharma has also been part of Chhankata series. Starting with Chhankata 2002, series is also realised as video cassette.[5]

Popular charactersEdit

In his Chhankata series, he portrays many characters carefully chosen from all walks of Punjabi society. One of the main characters is Chacha (Uncle) Chatur Singh, who is an old villager and talks about Punjab's politics, differences between rural and urban life, and tells jokes from all walks of life. Another character he portrays is Bhana, a youngster from Chatur Singh's village who has emigrated to USA and appears in the Chhankata as NRI. JB, another character portrayed by Jaswinder Bhalla, is the son of Chatur Singh. Another notable character is Taya Fumhan Singh.

Film careerEdit

Jaswinder has worked in Punjabi feature films like Mahaul Theek Hai, Jeeja Ji, Jihne Mera Dil Luteya, Power cut, Kabaddi Once Again, Apan Phir Milange, Mel Kara De Rabba, Carry On Jatta, Jatt and Juliet, Jatt Airways. In some Punjabi films he always speak with different Takia Klams. Such as Mein Taa Bhannduu Bullan Naal Akhrote, Je Chandigarh Dhaijoo Pinda Warga Taa Rehjooo or Dhillon Ne Kaalaa Cot Aiven Ni Payeya. He said through his art, he highlights social evils like female foeticide, drugs and unemployment.

Jaswinder Bhalla is one of the most popular and appreciated Punjabi Comedian onwards 2013 beside B.N Sharma. He deserves Best Punjabi Comedian awards for his contributions in comedy of Punjabi cinema. His dialogues delivery has been considered the fastest among Punjabi comedians.

In 2015, his stage partner, Bal Mukand Sharma and Jaswinder Bhalla were honored in Utah State by the Lt. Governor Spencer Cox at the behest of their classmate and influential friend Mani Grewal.


In his album Chankatta 2003, he was alleged by certain ragi jathas of making mockery of them and raised strong objections to his album. An apology was issued by the artists and producer of the album.[6] His latest album Mithe Pochey also faced ire of Nambardaars of various villages in Punjab for his satire on them.[7] He was allegedly assaulted by Punjab government official due to his satire on government.[8][9][10]

Personal lifeEdit

He is married to Parmdeep Bhalla who is a Fine Arts teacher. He has a son named Pukhraj Bhalla, who is studying in Audio Visuals from Punjabi University, Patiala. Pukhraj has also appeared in some of the Chhankata cassettes since 2002 and has performed excellent roles in some Punjabi films as well. He has a daughter named Ashpreet Kaur who is married in Norway.[11] He is good friends with Balmukund Sharma, who appears as Bhateej in the Chhankata series.


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Year Film Role Notes
1998 Dulla Bhatti
1999 Mahaul Theek Hai Inspector Jaswinder Bhalla Says- Mein Taa Paado Parhne
2003 Badla The Revenge Amaru
2005 Nalaik Sajja Singh
2006 Jija Ji Says- Jutti tang javai nang, sari umar mat mar dinde aa..
2007 Billian Ch Bandar
2007 Babal Da Vehra Massar
2008 Layi Lagg Says-Sheesha Tidkeya Te Geya Amli Jhidkeya Te Geya
2008 Chak De Phatte JB Says- Main Ta Bhann Du Bulla Naal Akhrot
2010 Mel Karade Rabba Rajvir's Mama Says- Sada Patola Satho Hi Ohla
2011 Jihne Mera Dil Luteya Prof. Bhalla Says- Saheli Te Haveli Edi Cheti Ni Bandi
2012 Aappan Pher Milange Gora Gappi Says- Mein taa dharti te baith ke chann nu vech dooo, rann ki cheej aa
2012 Jatt and Juliet Joginder Singh Says- Je Chandigarh Dhai ju Pinda Warga Taa Reh ju
2012 Kabaddi Once Again Coach Suchha Singh Sandhu
2012 Carry On Jatta Advocate Dhillon Says- Dhillon ne kala coat aiven ni paya, 2.Sali gandi aulaad, na majaa na swaad
2012 Raula Pai Gaya Prof. Bhalla Says- Software Sikhadoon Kalle-Kalle Nu
2012 Power Cut Baalla Says- Zakham Laan Nu Paala te Malham Laan Nu Baala
2013 Stupid 7 Parry's Grandfather With his son Pukhraj Bhalla
2013 Daddy Cool Munde Fool Parminder Singh Puppy Says- Sale do jammay dowain nikamme
2013 Lucky Di Unlucky Story Gurvinder Brar Says- 365 charitar naar de, saara saal bande nu maarde
2013 Rangeelay Retd.DSP Baldev Singh Says- Ik teri arrh bhan ni,lassi peen da shaunk na koi
2013 Jatts In Golmaal Balli Chacha Says- Jhote khare ton te chache charre ton jinni door rahoge,sehat lyi onna changa
2013 Jatt & Juliet 2 Inspector Joginder Singh Says- Akh laal aa tan tin star ghanere aa, Inspector joginder naal mashkarian, lagda maut nerhe-terhe aa
2013 Jatt Boys - Putt Jattan De Prof. Parwana Says- Maarhi soch te pair di moch, bande nu agge vadan nhi dindi
2013 Jatt Airways Says- Zameen Banjar te Aulad Kanjar rabb kisi nu na deve
2013 Viyah 70 km Piyara Singh Lotte Says-Mistree Piyara Singh Lotte jadon vi karda gall guniye ch karda
2013 RSVP - Ronde Saare Vyah Picho[12]
2013 Jatt in Mood
2014 Marrij da Garrij
2014 Yaaran Da Katchup[13] Sukhbir Singh Sohi Says AKH BAAJ VARGI TE NEEYAT TALLE ALE SADH WARGI
2014 Saada Jawai NRI
2014 Oh My Pyo Mama Says - Sach Keh gaye seyane bharo changey andro saude phena mittiyaan jije kaude
2014 Mr. & Mrs. 420 Subedaar
2014 Chakk De Phatte 2
2014 Jatt Risky
2015 Sardaar Ji Armeek Singh
2015 Munde Kamaal De Balwant Singh Sidhu
2015 Myself Pendu
2016 Vaisakhi List Jailer Jalaur Singh Johal
2016 Sardaar Ji 2 Pathaan Chacha Says- Jihne Lahore Ni Vekheya Ohh Jammeya Ni te Jihne Pishor Ni Vekheya Ohne Changa Kitta Ni Vekheya.
2017 Vekh Baraatan Challiyan Jaggi's Father
2018 Carry on Jatta 2 Advocate Dhillon