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Jarrit Smyth

Sir Jarrit Smyth (1692–1783), previously known as Jarrit Smith, was a British Tory Member of Parliament for Bristol, from 1756 to 1768.[1] He married Florence Smyth, daughter of Sir John Smyth, 3rd Baronet and Elizabeth Asthy.[2]

In addition to being a member of parliament, he was also a lawyer and the first to mine the Long Ashton coalfield.[3] In 1748 after various surveys Jarrit Smyth commissioned mine shafts to be dug at South Liberty Lane.[4]

In 1760 he carried a bill through Parliament to replace the medieval Bristol Bridge which was in a bad state of repair.[5]

Personal papersEdit

Bristol Archives holds personal, professional and Parliamentary papers relating to Jarrit Smyth amongst the archives of Ashton Court (Ref. AC/JS) (online catalogue).


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