Jarhead 3: The Siege

Jarhead 3: The Siege is a war film and a sequel to the film Jarhead 2: Field of Fire and Jarhead. The film follows a group of Marines who must protect the US ambassador from a group of militants who attacked the embassy.[1]

Jarhead 3: The Siege
Directed byWilliam Kaufman
Produced byJeffery Beach
Phillip Roth
Written byMichael Weiss
StarringScott Adkins
Charlie Weber
Dante Basco
Romeo Miller
Erik Valdez
Sasha Jackson
Dennis Haysbert
Music byFrederik Wiedmann
CinematographyMark Rutledge
Edited byJohn Gilbert
Russell White
Distributed byUniversal Pictures Home Entertainment
Release date
June 7, 2016
Running time
89 minutes
CountryUnited States


Corporal Albright (Charlie Weber), is an ambitious marine assigned to the U.S. Embassy situated in Middle Eastern territory referred to as "The Kingdom". The area is known to be fairly peaceful due to the US ambassador, Ambassador Cahill, who is known as the peacekeeper. When Albright first arrives he meets several other Marines including Hansen, Ski, Lopez, Stamper, Sunshine in addition to their superior Gunnery Sergeant Pete Raines (Scott Adkins). Albright is then directed to meet the Ambassador and his staff, where he meets Kraus, head of Security, and Olivia Winston, digital security director.

One day while up on the roof of the embassy, Albright spots a suspicious cameraman who he remembers seeing when he first arrived to the embassy. Albright researches the individual and brings his findings to Cahill. Both Kraus and Raines get angry at Albright as he broke the chain of command. Later, Olivia identifies the man as Khaled al-Asiri, a militant with loose ties to ISIS who was presumably killed in a drone strike weeks earlier .

While Albright is guarding the Ambassador's offices the following day, Kraus comes in with a local and refuses to sign him in, stating he has an appointment with the ambassador. Albright suspects something is amiss and when looking at the security cameras notices a suspicious vehicle with Khaled nearby. The vehicle rams the embassy gate and explodes, destroying the gate and allowing a group of militants onto the embassy grounds. During the assault, Albright is the sole survivor of the perimeter security team until he is rescued by Raines, while Cahill and his staff destroy all of the embassy documents before consolidating in the safe room.

Once the safe room is reached, it is revealed that the local who Kraus brought in is Jamal al-Asiri, Khaled's brother. He reveals that the drone strike failed his entire family is in danger due to his brother's survival from the strike for which he provided the coordinates. MARSOC Marines led by Major Lincoln (Dennis Haysbert), is coming to provide backup but will likely take an hour. The Ambassador tells the Marines of a piece of evidence they were unable to delete, Khaled's cell phone, which is located in a safe in the Ambassador's residence. Hansen, Raines, Lopez, Albright, and Olivia all leave to retrieve the cell phone. Raines and Hansen go to the roof to provide covering fire while Lopez, Albright and Olivia all dash to the residence.

Militant reinforcements arrive and take out the Royal Guard. Albright's group manages to retrieve the phone, but Raines dies from a direct RPG shot. Cahill puts Albright in charge of the situation. Olivia indirectly reveals herself to Albright as a CIA agent and reveals the contents of the safe included a large sum of money used by the Ambassador to maintain peace and burns the cash to keep it out of the militants' hands. Albright orders everyone to meet in the back entrance of the embassy due to the safe room's being filled with smoke from the RPG explosion. The plan is to meet the MARSOC forces at the Al-Mafraq stadium 10 blocks from the embassy. When the two groups meet, Stamper is killed as they escape.

As they fight their way out into the streets they are pinned down in a restaurant with Sunshine getting shot in the face and they retreat further into the basement. Hansen and Lopez are shot in the basement where they have a final confrontation with Khaled. With Jamal's aid, Albright kills Khaled and his forces by shooting a propane tank. MARSOC and Major Lincoln arrive and the Ambassador is finally safe. Albright is promoted to Staff Sergeant in charge of the Marines at the embassy; Sunshine works at a physical therapy session; Olivia continues her field assignments for the C.I.A.; and Cahill is seen enjoying a sporting event.


  • Scott Adkins as GySgt. Pete Raines
  • Charlie Weber as Cpl. Evan Albright
  • Dante Basco as Blake Laureano
  • Romeo Miller as Sunshine
  • Erik Valdez as Lopez
  • Hristo Balabanov as Ski
  • Sasha Jackson as Olivia Winston
  • Dennis Haysbert as Maj. Lincoln
  • Stephen Hogan as Ambassador Dan Cahill
  • Joe Corrigall as Stamper
  • Hadrian Howard as Khaled
  • Stephen Hogan as Jamal
  • Kalina Stoimenova as Rashmi
  • Ed Spila as Kraus
  • Vlado Mihailov as Mohammad
  • Jay Moses as SSgt. Hutch
  • Denislav Mitev as Dracula
  • Myhalo Matav as Roman Reigns
  • Stanislas Mativ as Santa Claus
  • Renardo Asguya as Yan Can Cook


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