Japanese Pagoda (Washington, D.C.)

The Japanese Pagoda is a stone statue in West Potomac Park, Washington, D.C. It is located next to the Tidal Basin, and the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial.

Japanese Pagoda
Japanese lantern on the Potomac River Tidal Basin 16055v.jpg
Year17th century
Dimensions240 cm × 120 cm (96 in × 48 in)
LocationWashington, D.C.
Coordinates38°52′58″N 77°02′30″W / 38.882778°N 77.041667°W / 38.882778; -77.041667
OwnerNational Park Service

The statue was a gift by the mayor of Yokohama, Japan in 1957. It was dedicated on April 18, 1958.[1]

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