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Janssen is a Dutch patronymic surname cognate to the English surname Johnson. It is the 7th most common name in the Netherlands and the most common (over 131,000 people), when combined with the spelling variant Jansen. Notable people with the surname include:

Language(s) Dutch
Meaning "son of Jan"
Other names
Variant(s) Bevan, Di Giovanni, Evans, Giannopoulos, Hansen, Hanson, Hovhannisyan, I'Anson, Ioannidis, Ioannou, Ivanenko, Ivanov, Ivanović, Ivanovski, Jackson, Janowicz, Janse, Jansen, Jansma, Janson, Jansons, Janssens, Jansson, Janzen, Jensen, Jenson, Johannesen, Johansen, Johansson, Johns, Johnsen, Johnson, Johnsson, Jonson, Jonsson, Jones, Jovanović, Yankov

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