Jankoji Rao Scindia

Jankoji Rao Shinde was the third Maharaja of Gwalior State reigning from 1755 to 1761. He became Maharaja of Gwalior after death of his father, Jayappaji Rao Scindia.[1]

Jankoji Rao Shinde
3rd Maharaja of Gwalior
Reign1755 - 1761
PredecessorJayappaji Rao Scindia
SuccessorKadarji Rao Scindia
FatherJayappaji Rao Scindia


He was younger son of Sardar Jayappaji Rao Shinde, and acceded to the position on the death of his father on 25 July 1755. As he only had 10 years established a Regency that led his uncle Dattaji Rao Shinde, Jayappa Rao's brother, until 10 January 1760.

Third Battle of PanipatEdit

He fought with Afghan at the Third battle of Panipat on 14 January 1761. Jankoji with around 7,000 troops was positioned right of Shamsher Bahadur I and was opposed to Najib ad-Dawlah. When the news spread around that Viswasrao has been shot dead Jankoji and his uncle Tukoji on seeing the thinning crowd at the Maratha centre rushed to help Bhausaheb. Jankoji fought with the Afghans who had penetrated into Maratha centre but was taken as prisoner by Barkhurdar Khan secretly. Kashiraj met Jankoji secretly in a tent of Barkhurdar Khan, he was wounded with a ball and with a spear in the arm. Kashiraj was told by Moti Lal, the Diwan of Barkhurdar Khan that Jankoji would be released if a ransom of seven lakhs would be paid. Unfortunately these dealings became known to Najib Khan who instigated Wazir Shah Wali to take this matter up to Ahmad Shah Abdali. Abdali then ordered his nasaqchis to search for Jankoji, Barkhurdar fearing some harmful consequences ordered his men to murder Jankoji and bury him privately. Later on few imposters of Jankoji claimed them self as the Shinde's chief but their all claims were proved wrong by the Scindia survivors.[2]


After the death of Jankoji, the Scindia clan remained without any leader for two years. Finally in 1763 Kadarji Rao Scindia was appointed as new leader of clan.

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Jankoji Rao Scindia
Born: 1745 Died: 1761
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Jayappaji Rao Scindia
Maharaja of Gwalior
Succeeded by
Kadarji Rao Scindia