Janka Lučyna

Jan Niesłuchowski (1851, Minsk – 1897, Minsk), better known by his pen name Janka Lučyna (Belarusian: Янка Лучына, Yanka Luchyna), was a Belarusian poet who wrote in Belarusian, Polish, and Russian.

Janka Lučyna
Янка Лучына
Janka Łučyna, Belarussian poet.jpg

A son of a minor government official, Niesłuchowski graduated from Saint Petersburg Institute of Technology and worked as a railway engineer. Because of a leg disease he needed crutches to walk.[1] A collection of his Belarusian poems and translations, Viazanka (A Bundle) was published in 1903, several years after his death, earning him a place among the founders of the modern Belarusian literature.


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