Jang Hyun-sung

Jang Hyun-sung (born July 17, 1970) is a South Korean actor. He started his acting career as a member of the Hakjeon Theatre Company, before transitioning to film and television.[1] Jang is best known for starring in director Song Il-gon's arthouse films such as Spider Forest (2004) and The Magicians (2006), and most notably Feathers in the Wind (2005), for which one review praised him for giving "the performance of his career."[2][3][4][5] He also had major roles in Nabi (The Butterfly) (2001), Rewind (also known as A Man Watching Video, 2003), My Right to Ravage Myself (2005), Love Is a Crazy Thing (2005), and My Friend and His Wife (2008). Aside from acting, Jang was one of the screenwriters for the Moon Seung-wook film Romance (2006).

Jang Hyun-sung
200129 장현성.jpg
Jang in January 2020
Born (1970-07-17) July 17, 1970 (age 52)
EducationSeoul Institute of the Arts – Theater
Years active1997–present
AgentYG Entertainment
SpouseYang Hee-jung
Korean name
Revised RomanizationJang Hyeon-seong
McCune–ReischauerChang Hyŏn-sŏng

In 2013, Jang and his two sons began appearing in the reality/variety show The Return of Superman (also known as Superman is Back), in which celebrity fathers babysit their children by themselves for 48 hours after sending their wives on a 2-day vacation.[6][7][8]



Year Title Role
TBA Single in Seoul President of the publishing company
2023 Rebound Yongsan High School Coach[9]
Kill Boksoon Gill Bok-soon's father[10]
2022 My Son Min-seok[11][12]
2020 The Swordsman King Gwanghae
2017 Steel Rain Jung Se-young
2016 Curtain Call Min-ki
2015 The Advocate: A Missing Body CEO Moon Ji-hoon
Love Never Fails Sang-hyun
C'est Si Bon Lee Jang-hee
2013 Hwayi: A Monster Boy Jin-sung
2011 Always credited for original idea
Painkiller (short film voice
2009 Dance of Time documentary narrator
2008 My Friend and His Wife Ye-joon
2007 Femme Fatale
The Perfect Couple cameo
2006 Maundy Thursday Yoo-chan
Romance also credited as screenwriter
The Magicians
2005 Love Is a Crazy Thing Min-su
Princess Aurora Kim Woo-tae
Never to Lose cameo
My Right to Ravage Myself Sang Hyun
Feathers in the Wind Jang Hyun-sung
2004 Springtime Kyung Su
Ghost House Park Gi-tae
Spider Forest Choi Sung-hyun
2003 The Legend of the Evil Lake
Spring Breeze
2002 Break Out
Survival Game
2001 Nabi K
Kiss Me Much
2000 Real Fiction
1999 Shiri
1997 The Story of an Unemployed Man

Television seriesEdit

Year Title Role Ref(s).
2023 Agency Yoo Jung-seok [13]
2022 Revenge of Others Gi Wang-do [14]
Under the Queen's Umbrella Yoon Soo-kwang [15]
Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist Yoo Hu-myeong (Cameo, Ep. 1) [16]
Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area Kim Sang-man
2021 The One and Only Pyo Kang-seon
Melancholia Sung Min-joon [17]
Lovers of the Red Sky Han Geon [18]
2020 Alice Professor Jang Dong-shik (Cameo, Ep. 1)
Sweet Munchies Kang In-shik
Tell Me What You Saw Choi Hyung-pil
2019 VIP Jang Jin-chul
The Running Mates: Human Rights Kim Hyun-suk
Angel's Last Mission: Love Cho Seung-wan
Doctor Prisoner Prosector Jung Wi-shik
2018 Just Dance Kwon Dong-suk
The Hymn of Death Lee Yong-moon
Where Stars Land Kwon Hee-seung
Twelve Nights Lee Baek-man [19]
Live Eun Kyung-mo
2017 Temperature of Love guest appearance, ep 2
While You Were Sleeping Jung Il-seung
Queen for Seven Days Shin Soo-geun
Man to Man Jang Tae-ho
2016 Woman with a Suitcase Lee Dong-soo
Dear My Friends Il-woo
The Doctors Kim Tae-ho
Signal Kim Bum-joo
2015 Assembly Baek Do-hyun
Heard It Through the Grapevine Seo Hyeong-sik
2014 Punch Jang Min-seok
Secret Door Hong Gye-hee
Secret Affair Kim In-gyeom (cameo, ep 15-16)
Three Days Ham Bong-soo
2013 Who Are You? Psychiatrist Park Hyung-jin (cameo, ep 1-2)
Goddess of Marriage No Seung-soo
The End of the World Yoon Kyu-jin
2012 Vampire Prosecutor 2 Jang Chul-oh (guest appearance, ep 10)
The King of Dramas Kenji Watanabe
Five Fingers Choi Seung-jae
Big Kang Hyuk-soo
Phantom Jeon Jae-wook
How Long I've Kissed Han Sang-jin
History of a Salaryman Choi Hang-ryang
2011 Drama Special: For My Son Tae-soo
A Thousand Days' Promise Seo-yeon's doctor
Vampire Prosecutor Jang Chul-oh
Sign Jang Min-suk
2010 Rock, Rock, Rock
Pure Pumpkin Flower Hyun-mook
Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho
Jejungwon Min Young-ik
2009 Son of Man
Love and Obsession
2008 Glass Castle Kim Gyu-sung
The Scale of Providence
2007 New Heart Kim Tae-joon
Conspiracy in the Court
The Great Catsby
Behind the White Tower
2006 My Love
The Origin of Tears
Great Inheritance
2005 Who Murdered Kurt Cobain?
Leslie Cheung Is Dead?
The Hard Goodbye
2004 Precious Family
Terms of Endearment
Flower Pinned on the Tip of a Knife
2003 Rosemary

Variety showsEdit

Year Title Notes
2013–2014 The Return of Superman with sons Jang Jun-woo and Jang Jun-seo
2021 The Story of the Day Biting the Tail 3 Host[20]
2022 Hot Singers Cast Member[21]

Radio showsEdit

Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2022 To the Beautiful You Special DJ February 21 [22]


Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2022 23rd Jeonju International Film Festival Host of the opening ceremony with Yoo In-na [23]


Year English title Korean title Role Ref.
2022 Love Letter 러브레터 Andy [24]


  • Ambassador of the Seoul International Environmental Film Festival (2022)[25]



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