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Janet Tashjian is an American novelist of Armenian origin [1][2] living in Los Angeles. Her middle grade and young adult fiction is published by Henry Holt and Company. Her novels often incorporate different formats and play with the line between fiction and non-fiction.[3][4] She is the mother of Jake Tashjian, who provided illustrations for eight of her novels.

Janet Tashjian
Born Providence, Rhode Island
Occupation novelist
Nationality American
Genre Young adult literature



Stand-Alone FictionEdit

  • 1997: Tru Confessions (which was adapted for a 2002 Disney Channel Original Movie: Tru Confessions)
  • 1999: Multiple Choice
  • 1999: Felicity: Summer
  • 2003: Fault Line
  • 2012: For What It's Worth

The Larry SeriesEdit

My Life SeriesEdit

  • 2010: My Life As a Book
  • 2011: My Life as a Stuntboy
  • 2013: My Life as a Cartoonist
  • 2014: My Life as a Joke
  • 2015: My Life as a Gamer
  • 2017: My Life as a Ninja
  • 2018: My Life as a Youtuber
  • 2019: My Life as a Meme

Einstein the Class HamsterEdit

  • 2013: Einstein the Class Hamster
  • 2014: Einstein the Class Hamster and the Very Real Game Show
  • 2015: Einstein the Class Hamster Saves the Library

Sticker GirlEdit

  • 2016: Sticker Girl
  • 2017: Sticker Girl Rules the School
  • 2018: Sticker Girl and the Cupcake Challenge

Marty Frye, Private EyeEdit

  • 2017: Marty Frye, Private Eye
  • 2017: Marty Frye, Private Eye: The Case of the Stolen Poodle
  • 2018: Marty Frye, Private Eye: The Case of the Busted Video Games


Tashjian's works have been translated into several languages. Her novel Tru Confessions was adapted into a Disney television movie starring Clara Bryant and Shia LaBeouf.


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