Jan Wielopolski

Count Jan Wielopolski (c. 1630-1688) was a Polish nobleman, aristocrat, politician and diplomat. Between may 1678 and january 1680, he was also a Polish chancellor.

Jan Wielopolski
Grand Chancellor
Deputy Chancellor
Jan Wielopolski (1630-1688).jpg
Coat of armsStarykoń
Bornc. 1630
Died(1688-02-15)15 February 1688
ConsortAniela Febronia Koniecpolska
Konstancja Krystyna Komorowska
Marie Anne d'Arquien
Issuewith Konstancja Krystyna Komorowska
Ludwik Jan Wielopolski
Jan Kazimierz Wielopolski
Franciszek Wielopolski
Konstancja Krystyna Wielopolska
with Maria Anna d'Arquien
Jozef Jan Wielopolski
Maria Teresa Wielopolska
FatherJan Wielopolski
MotherZofia Kochanowska


Son of castellan and voivode Jan Wielopolski and Zofia Kochanowska. He was married to Aniela Febronia Koniecpolska and Konstancja Krystyna Komorowska since 1665. His third wife Marie Anne de la Grande d'Arquien he married in July 1678 in Lwów.[1]

Starykoń coat of arms

He was Stolnik of the Crown since 1664, General governor of Kraków since 1667, Deputy Chancellor the Crown since 1677 and Grand Chancellor of the Crown since 1678.[2]

Wielopolski was the governor of Biecz, Bochnia, Nowy Targ and Dolina.

Educated in Kraków and Strasbourg. Since 1661 frequent deputy to the Sejm from Little Poland province.

He supported King John II Casimir of Poland who wanted to institute an "election vivente rege", where the king's successor was elected before the old king died. This would allow for the king to have input in the election, giving him more power.

Wielopolski was Marshal of the extraordinary Sejm in Warsaw on 20 February - 1 May 1662.

At the end of his life he was in opposition to King John III Sobieski.[3]

He was deft in extending the wealth and power of the family. His marriage with Konstancja Krystyna Komorowska caused (in the next generation) in overtaking of large properties by the Wielkopolski family in 1729.


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