Jan Wężyk

Jan Wężyk (1575–1638), of Wąż Coat of Arms, was a Polish noble and Roman Catholic bishop and Primate of Poland.

Most Reverend

Jan Wężyk
Archbishop of Gniezno
Primate of Poland
Jan Wężyk.PNG
ChurchCatholic Church
ArchdioceseArchdiocese of Gniezno
In office1626-1638
PredecessorHenryk Firlej
SuccessorJan Lipski
by Wawrzyniec Gembicki
Personal details
Wola Wężykowa, Poland
Died27 May 1638 (age 63)
Gniezno, Poland
Previous post(s)Bishop of Przemyśl (1620–1624)
Bishop of Poznań (1624–1627)


Jan Wężyk was born in Wola Wężykowa, Poland in 1575.[1] In 1619, he was selected by the King of Poland as Bishop of Przemyśl and confirmed by Pope Paul V on 17 Feb 1620.[1] Later in 1620, he was consecrated bishop by Wawrzyniec Gembicki, Archbishop of Gniezno.[1] On 13 May 1624, he was appointed during the papacy of Pope Urban VIII as Bishop of Poznań and installed on 1 Jul 1624.[1] In 1626, he was selected by the King of Poland as Archbishop of Gniezno and Primate of Poland and confirmed by Pope Urban VIII on 22 Mar 1627.[1][2][3]

He served as interrex (for 9 months) after the death of king Sigismund III Vasa in 1632, before the royal election of Władysław IV Waza.[4] As the interrerx he supported improving the procedures of the royal elections.[4] He was a political ally of Polish queen consort Constance of Austria, and took part in reform of church law in Poland. He authored Synodus provincialis Gnesnensis A.D. 1628 die 22 mai celebrata (1629), Synodus provincialis Gnesensis (1634), and Constitutiones Synodorum Metropolitanae Ecclesiae Gnesnensis Provincialium (1630).[4]

He served as Archbishop of Gniezno and Primate of Poland until his death on 27 May 1638.[1]

Episcopal successionEdit

While bishop, he was the principal consecrator of:[1]

and the principal co-consecrator of:[1]


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Bishop of Przemyśl
Succeeded by
Achacy Grochowski
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Bishop of Poznań
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