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Jan Fries is a German occultist and "freestyle" shaman. He is a musician, artist, magician and author of several books.



Fries is credited with coining the term "freestyle shamanism"[1] in reference to a style of magic that emphasizes trance and closeness to nature, but instead of roots in a shamanic tradition, draws from individual experience in a way akin to chaos magic.


Fries notes the Zos Kia Cultus, Maat Magick, Taoism and Thelema as his chief influences.[2]

Personal lifeEdit

He lives in Frankfurt near the Taunus Mountains.


Although Fries is a native German speaker his books have all been written and first published in English.

  • Visual Magick: A manual of freestyle shamanism (Mandrake of Oxford, 1992, 2001)
  • Helrunar: A manual of rune magick (Mandrake of Oxford, 1993 & 2002)
  • Seidways: shaking, swaying and serpent mysteries (Mandrake of Oxford, 1996)
  • Living Midnight: Movements of the Tao (Mandrake of Oxford, 1998)
  • The Cauldron of the Gods: manual of celtic magick (Mandrake of Oxford, 2003)
  • Kali Kaula: manual of Tantric Magick (Avalonia, 2010)
  • Nightshades: A Tourist Guide to the Nightside (Mandrake of Oxford, 2012)
  • Dragon Bones- Ritual, Myth and Ritual in Shang Period China (Avalonia, 2013)
  • The Seven Names of Lamastu: A Journey through Mesopotamian Magick and Beyond (Avalonia, 2017)
  • Visuelle Magie: ein Handbuch des Freistilschamanismus (Ananael 1995)
  • Helrunar: ein Handbuch der Runenmagie (Ananael 1997 & 2002)
  • Seidwärts: Schütteltrancen, Wiegetänze und die Mysterien der Schlange (Ananael 2003)
  • Der Kessel der Götter: Handbuch der keltischen Magick (Edition Roter Drache 2009)
  • Kali Kaula: Ein Handbuch der tantrischen Magick (Edition Roter Drache 2015)
  • Magia(k) Visual: Manual de chamanismo estilo libre (Noctiluca 2003)

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