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Jan Čuřík (November 1, 1924 – December 4, 1996) was a Czech cinematographer whose work was featured in many Czechoslovakian and other eastern European films.

Jan Čuřík
Born(1924-11-01)1 November 1924
Died4 December 1996(1996-12-04) (aged 72)
Years active19541989



Jan Čuřík was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, November 1, 1924.[1] He began working as a cameraman while in the military, filming short films and documentaries.[1] In 1958, he served as cameraman for Zbynek Brynych's Suburban Romance, which was Czechoslovakia's entry in the 1958 Cannes Film Festival.[2] He often worked with the Czech director Jaromil Jireš, and was the cinematographer for many of his most popular films, including The Joke, and Valerie and her Week of Wonders. In 1961, he went to the DEFA studios in East Germany to work with the East German director Gerhard Klein on The Gleiwitz Case.[3] In 1966, he co-directed Searching with Antonín Máša. Curik's career ended after the Velvet Revolution. He died in Prague, Czech Republic, December 4, 1996.[1]

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