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Jamie Bartlett (journalist)

Jamie Bartlett is an author and tech blogger for The Spectator and Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media for Demos in conjunction with The University of Sussex.[1]

Jamie Bartlett
Born (1979-11-09) November 9, 1979 (age 38)
London, England, UK

In 2013 he covered the rise of Beppe Grillo's Five Star Movement in Italy for Demos, chronicling the new political force's emergence and use of social media.[2]

In 2014 he released a book entitled The Dark Net, discussing the darknet and dark web in broad terms, describing a range of underground and emergent subcultures, including social media racists, cam girls, self harm communities, darknet drug markets, cryptoanarchists and transhumanists.[3]

He regularly writes about online extremism[4] and free speech,[5] as well as social media trends in Wikipedia,[6] Twitter[7] and Facebook.[8]

In 2017 he published the book 'Radicals' about fringe political movements including transhumanism, psychedelic societies and anarcho-capitalism. He also presented the two part BBC2 series 'The Secrets of Silicon Valley'.

In 2018 he published the book 'The People Vs Tech', which argued that "our fragile political system is being threatened by the digital revolution".[9]


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