James Hepburn (bishop)

James Hepburn (died 1524) was a Scottish prelate and administrator. He was the son of Alexander Hepburn of Whitsome.[1] His name occurs as the rector of Dalry and king's clerk on 1 August 1511.[2] Hepburn was Treasurer of Scotland between from at least June 1515, until October the following year.[3] He also held the position of rector of Parton in the diocese of Galloway.[2]

Andrew Stewart
Bishop of Moray
James Hepburn seal.JPG
Coat of arms of James Hepburn
ChurchRoman Catholic Church
SeeDiocese of Moray
In office1516–1524
PredecessorAndrew Forman
SuccessorRobert Shaw
Personal details
BornProbably late 15th century
Probably Whitsome, Berwickshire
DiedEarly November 1524
Coat arms of James Hepburn.

He was elected Bishop of Moray sometime before 12 February 1516, on the nomination of the Governor of Scotland, John Stewart, Duke of Albany, following the translation of Bishop Andrew Forman to the Archbishopric of St Andrews.[4]

Hepburn had been granted the temporalities of the see by 28 August.[4] With his provision by Pope Leo X on 14 May 1516, he received a Bull exempting him from the metropolitan and legatine jurisdiction of the Archbishop of St Andrews.[5] Although Archbishop Forman (d. 1521) had consented to this, his successor James Beaton resented it, and wrote to a senior Cardinal as a part of a wider attempt to have this reversed.[5]

Among other activities as during his short episcopate, Hepburn instituted the church of Duffus as a new rectory.[5] He died shortly before 11 November 1524.[4]


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Religious titles
Preceded by
Andrew Forman
Bishop of Moray
Succeeded by
Robert Shaw