James Hargest College

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James Hargest College is a large school of about 1,950–2,000 students, in Invercargill, New Zealand. The majority of students are New Zealand European, but there are some Māori and Asians.[4] The school caters for students from year 7–13.

James Hargest College
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6 Layard Street, Invercargill (Junior Campus)

288 Layard Street, Invercargill (Senior Campus)
Coordinates46°23′25″S 168°23′01″E / 46.3904°S 168.3835°E / -46.3904; 168.3835Coordinates: 46°23′25″S 168°23′01″E / 46.3904°S 168.3835°E / -46.3904; 168.3835 (Senior)
46°23′27″S 168°21′44″E / 46.3907°S 168.3622°E / -46.3907; 168.3622 (Junior)
TypeState Co-Educational Secondary (Year 7–13) with divided campuses
MottoKeep Faith
Ministry of Education Institution no.552
PrincipalAndy Wood[1]
HousesWatson, Hamilton, Menzies, Thompson
School roll1869[2] (March 2019)
Socio-economic decile8P[3]

The school is divided into two campuses, known as James Hargest Junior Campus (Year 7–8) and James Hargest Senior Campus (Year 9–13). The campuses are at opposite ends of Layard Street and are separated by about a 20-minute walk (1.5 km).

James Hargest College is named after Brigadier-General James Hargest.

Junior campusEdit

James Hargest Junior Campus was formerly known as Rosedale Intermediate School until it became part of the former James Hargest High School to make James Hargest College as part of the Ministry of Education review of schools in 2004. Other intermediate schools in the city merged with the newly formed James Hargest Junior Campus, increasing the school's roll and stretching resources. Because of this, a new technology block has been built, and several new classrooms have been built since the merge. There are over 25 homeroom classrooms. The subjects in the New Technology Block (known as the Atrium) include Science, Art, Woodwork, Foods & Textiles technology, and an ICT & Media Suite.

Senior campusEdit

The senior campus is much larger and has more students, with Years 9-13 .[citation needed] The school has a New Zealand $2.2 million library, which officially opened in 2004 that also includes the Guidance and Careers Centre, as well as a Library Reading Room and Library Classroom. The library's classroom has desks, computers and an Interactive Whiteboard, as well as the reading room where students can browse the library's collection of magazines, newspapers and many books. There are also DVD movies available for hire to students.

  • A Block – Administration Block. Contains Main Office, Hall, Student Administration, Staffroom, Deans and Associate/Deputy Principals Offices.
  • B Block – 4x Language Classrooms, 5x Science Laboratories, 2x Computer Labs and Student Support Centre.
  • C Block – Commerce and Food and Fabrics Department. Subjects taught here - Digital Technologies (3x Computer Classrooms), Food Technology (2x Food Labs) and Fashion and Design. The Block was badly damaged by fire on 3 January 2013 by Arson after undergoing a refurbishment which resulted in the block being torn down and completely rebuilt, which was completed April 2014. During this period of rebuilding, Subjects such Digital Technologies were taught in other classrooms around the school, and Food Technology classes were bussed down to the Junior Campus to have lessons.
  • D Block – Art & Visual Design (3x Classrooms), Design & Visual Communication, One Science Laboratory, and a Metal & Wood Workshop (Hard Materials) .
  • E Block – E1-E5 is Mathematics and Theory Subjects (PE & Health Theory). E6-E7 is Science and Horticulture (2x Science Laboratories) and E8-E15 is English.
  • F Block – Social Sciences. F6 - F9 are used for Accounting, Mathematics and Economics.
  • G Block – Gyms 1–3 are all located and are used for teaching Physical Education, as well as Sports at lunchtime. Gym 3 is the largest gym of them all, used for large events such as the end of Year Prize Givings. An upstairs gallery is located in the Gym allowing students to sit upstairs and watch sports at lunchtime.
  • M Block – Used For Teaching and Practising Music.
  • N Block – Extra "prefab" Classrooms used for teaching Mathematics, Science (Theory), Physical Education (Theory) and Childcare and Development.
  • P Block – P1 is used for additional classrooms for Physical Education and Health Education. P2 and P3 are used for teaching English. P4 is the Year 13 Common room. P5 P7 are also used for teaching English, and Drama. P8 is used as a storage room.

Hargest CentreEdit

The Hargest Centre is a large building at the senior campus. The large gymnasium viewing gallery is popular with students who often go there to watch interclass sports at lunch break. There is a cafeteria at the centre, where students can purchase their lunch, and there are tables for the older students to eat indoors.

C Block FireEdit

During the early hours of Thursday 3 January 2013 the C Block was badly damaged by a deliberately lit fire.[5] The block was currently undergoing major renovations and fortunately most of the equipment in the block such as computers and servers had been removed months prior to the fire. On 15 January 2013 it was revealed that the fire was deliberately lit by two ex-students both 18 and 19 years of age. At this stage both accused offenders have been granted name suppression.[6]


School sports are popular and well established at Hargest. The school frequently shares inter school sporting competitions with rivals Logan Park High School in Dunedin and Gore High School in Gore.

Students can partake in a very wide variety of sports to represent the school, and there are often notices for tryouts in provincial sports teams.

Everyone at Hargest is placed into a school house. These are Menzies (green), Watson (blue), Thompson (red) and Hamilton (yellow). Near the beginning of each school year, the four houses compete for points at an athletics competition at Surrey Park Athletics Park, next to Stadium Southland.


On 24 August 2009, Paul O'Connor, who had been Principal since 1993, announced his resignation from the role due to retirement. He remained principal until the end of 2009.[7] On 5 November 2009, Andy Wood was announced as Paul O'Connor's successor in the role. Wood was principal of Central Southland College in nearby Winton. Wood was also deputy principal of the college from 1982 to 2003. He began in the role in the first term of 2010.

Notable alumniEdit


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