James Clemens (lord mayor)

James Clemens (fl. 1750–1775) was a Liverpool, England merchant and shipowner, and Lord Mayor of Liverpool.

Sandstone signpost dated 1776, and inscribed with the initials of James Clemens. Situated at Thomas Lane and Thingwall Lane, the entrance to Clemen's house Ashfield (since burned down) can be seen behind the pillar.

Life edit

Clemens made three voyages to Angola in the 1750s, in addition to other slave runs,[1] in 1767 he sent the Ranger under William Speers to acquire slaves in Angola and take them to Barbados.[2] Also in 1767 he became a member of the town council of Liverpool, and was, from 1775 to 1776, the Lord Mayor.[1] While Lord Mayor he presented St Pauls, Stoneycroft with a two cwt (104 kg) bell.[3]

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