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James Arthur Moore is an American horror novelist and short story writer.

James A. Moore
Born (1965-09-03) September 3, 1965 (age 53)
Atlanta, GA
Period1994 - current
GenreHorror fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction

In 2003, he was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award for "Best Novel" for his book Serenity Falls. In 2006, the novella Bloodstained Oz (co-authored by Christopher Golden) was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award for "Best Long Fiction". He wrote the novelization of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Chaos Bleeds (based on the video game written by Christopher Golden). Many of his books have been released by small press publishers like Earthling, Cemetery Dance as signed hardcover limited editions.

He also has done a lot of Collectible card game and Role-playing game related work for White Wolf, Inc including writing manuals, storyteller's guides, short stories, modules, and novels.


Selected bibliographyEdit

Novels and novellasEdit

  • "Subject Seven" (Razorbill, 2011)
  • Vendetta (Morning Star Press, 2009)
  • Deeper (Hardcover: Necessary Evil Press, 2008; Paperback: Berkley, 2009) ISBN 0-425-22821-5
"Dear Diary" - a short story available as a PDF download from Necessary Evil Press that involves a character from the novel Deeper
"Blood Tide" (Earthling Publications, 2005) - A limited edition (250 copies) short story that was given away for free at the World Horror Convention in 2005. It also serves as a prologue to Blood Red.

Bloodstained seriesEdit

Chris Corin seriesEdit

  1. Possessions (Leisure Books, 2004) ISBN 0-8439-5171-0
  2. Rabid Growth (Leisure Books, 2005) ISBN 0-8439-5172-9

Harvest seriesEdit

  1. "Harvest Moon/Harvest Gods" - short story published in Slices
  2. "Bone Harvest" - Chapbook limited to 500 copies published by Cemetery Dance Publications, 2008
  3. "Patchwork" - 300 copy Limited edition novelette (Bloodletting Press, 2008)
  4. Harvest Moon (Cemetery Dance Publications, 2006) ISBN 1-58767-163-8
  5. "Shades of Gray" - short story published in Slices (involves a character from the novel Harvest Moon)

Serenity Falls "trilogy"Edit

This series was originally released as one book published by Meisha Merlin Publishing in 2003. Jove publishing got the rights to it and reprinted them in an expanded and extended form as three separate books in 2005. There is more story in the new Jove printings.

  1. Writ in Blood (Jove, May 2005) ISBN 0-515-13968-8
  2. The Pack (Jove, June 2005) ISBN 0-515-13969-6
  3. Dark Carnival (Jove, July 2006) ISBN 0-515-13985-8

Seven Forges seriesEdit

  1. Seven Forges (Angry Robot, Sept 2013)
  2. The Blasted Lands Seven Forges, Book II (Angry Robot, June 2014)
  3. City of Wonders, Book III (Angry Robot, November 2015)
  4. The Silent Army, Seven Forges book IV (Angry Robot, May 2016)

Tides of War seriesEdit

  1. The Last Sacrifice (Jan 2017)
  2. Fallen Gods (July 2018)
  3. Gates of the Dead (Jan 2019)

Short stories, anthologies, and collectionsEdit

  • Slices - a short story collection (Earthling Publications, 2009). Contains the following:
"Greasepainted Smile"
"Shades of Gray" (Original to this collection)
"War Stories"
"Simon's Muse"
"A Place where there is Peace"
"In the Oubliette" (original to this collection)
"Hathburn Avenue"
"My Brother's Keeper" (original to this collection)
"The Dark Place"
"Harvest Gods"
Story Notes
Digital chapbooksEdit
  • Discarded Blessings - a digital-only chapbook collection (Darkside Digital, 2009). Contains the following short stories:
    • "Discards"
    • "Mary's Blessing"
  • "The Walker Place" - digital only chapbook (Cemetery Dance Publications, 2009)
  • "Home for the Holidays" - digital only chapbook (Cemetery Dance Publications, 2008)

Gaming related worksEdit

Most, if not all, of these are set in White Wolf's World of Darkness

Vampire: The Eternal StruggleEdit

Vampire: The MasqueradeEdit

  • Berlin By Night, a supplement for Vampire: The Masquerade
  • Vampire Players Guide Second Edition, includes
"Creative Combat," (an essay)
"The Samedi"
  • World of Darkness 2
  • Storyteller's Guide
  • Demon Hunter X
  • Vampire Deluxe Edition
  • "Necromancy" section of the Thaumaturgy book.

Werewolf: The ApocalypseEdit

  • Werewolf: Hell-Storm (novel) ISBN 978-0-06-105675-8
  • When Will You Rage? (short story included)
  • Book of the Wyrm, sections including:
"The First Ronin"
"Phantasmi, Bitter Rages"
"Dangerous Toys"
  • Book of the Wyrm, Second Edition
  • The Valkenburg Foundation includes his story "Skins," (reprinted in Werewolf Chronicles Volume 1).
  • The Werewolf Players Guide, sections including:
"Why the Garou Run in Packs" (short story)
"The Get of Fenris"
"The Wendigo"
"The Nuwisha (Werecoyote)"
"Ananasi (Werespider)" (with Brett Brooks)
"Do You Need a Pack?" (essay)
  • The Werewolf Players Guide, Second Edition
  • Storyteller's Handbook
  • "In Dreams and Nightmares," for the Rage Across The Amazon supplement
  • "The Black Forest Sept" for the Caerns: Places of Power supplement (reprinted in Werewolf Chronicles Volume 2).
  • Three Short adventures for the Werewolf Storytellers' Screen
  • Outcasts
  • The Get Of Fenris Tribebook
  • Freak Legion: A Player's Guide to Fomori
  • Nuwisha
  • Werewolf: The Wild West
  • Werewolf: The Wild West Companion
  • Werewolf: The Wild West Tales from the Trails, Mexico

Mage: The AscensionEdit

  • "Harvest Time" (an adventure for the Chantries supplement)
  • The Book of Shadows: The Mage Players Hand Book, sections including:
"The Euthanatos"
"The Hollow Ones"
"The Nephandi"
  • The Chaos Factor (sourcebook and adventure for Mage)
  • Book of Madness
  • Book of Worlds

Wraith: The OblivionEdit

  • Necropolis: Atlanta
  • Haunts (about Hermitage Castle)
  • Dark Kingdom of Jade Adventures: "Hiroshima"
"Mediums" (short story)
  • Wraith: The Oblivion, Second Edition
  • Wraith Players Guide
  • Shadow Players Guide
  • Legions
  • The Great War

Changeling: The DreamingEdit

  • Changeling Players Guide
  • Dreams and Nightmares
  • Land Of Eight Million Dreams

White Wolf MagazineEdit

  • Issue #40 contains the short story "A Psychological Profile on Samuel Haight."
  • Issues #42- #44 included a three part Werewolf: The Apocalypse adventure.

Comic booksEdit

  • Clive Barker's Hellraiser issue #15 featured "Of Love, Cats and Curiosity" (James A. Moore's debut publication)

References and linksEdit