Jaman North District

The Jaman North Municipal is one of the 12 districts of the Bono Region of Ghana. Its capital is Sampa. The Jaman North Municipal was created in 2004 under the Legislative Instrument (LI) 1779. It is located between latitude 7O 40’ N and 8O 27’N, and longitude 2O 30’W and 2O 60’W. The district is located in the Western part of the Bono Region and to the North Western fringes of the neighboring Ivory Coast country. It limits with Tain District to the North through to the Eastern part of the district, Jaman South Municipal to the South West and Berekum Municipal to the South East. The location of the district along the Ghana and Ivory Coast border presents economic potentials and opportunities that can be maximized to improve the lots of the citizenry.

Jaman North Municipal
Location of Jaman North District in Bono Region
Location of Jaman North District in Bono Region
Jaman North Municipal is located in Ghana
Jaman North Municipal
Jaman North Municipal
Location of Jaman North District in Bono Region
Coordinates: 7°57′02″N 2°41′52″W / 7.9505°N 2.6978°W / 7.9505; -2.6978Coordinates: 7°57′02″N 2°41′52″W / 7.9505°N 2.6978°W / 7.9505; -2.6978
RegionGhana Bono Region
 • TypeMunicipal Assembly
 • Municipal ExecutiveAdane Ankomah
Time zoneUTC+0 (Greenwich Mean Time)
 • Summer (DST)GMT


According to the 2010 population and housing census, the total population of the district is 83,059 with a population growth rate of 2.25% as that of the region and is composed of 48.1% males and 51.9% females with about 52.5% of the population living in urban areas and 47.5% living in the rural areas.


The employment rate in the district is about 78% of the active labour force. The above figure puts the unemployment rate in the district at 22%. However, the unemployment rate in the region is about 34% which is higher than the district’s rate of 22%. The major economic activities of the district fall under agriculture, forestry and commerce which employ about 72% of the active labour force in the district. Service and industrial sectors employ about 8.1% and 19.9% of the labour force respectively.


Agriculture is the dominant economic activity in the Municipality. It employs more than 70% of the total population within the labour force. Thus it is the major source of livelihood for majority of people in the District. The major sectors of agriculture in the district are crop farming and livestock rearing.


The district has seventy-five schools: fifty-six public and nineteen private, with 99 classrooms. Total KG enrolment is 5,917 with 4,695 enrolled in the public schools. The male and female figures are; 2,244 and 2,451 respectively. Total enrolment at the primary level is 14,006 comprising 7,159 males and 6,901 females. At the Senior High level, there are eight Senior High and Technical Schools.


Both orthodox and traditional health services are provided in the Municipality which focuses on curative and preventive care delivery. The health needs of the population are catered for by the Sampa government Hospital, Fountain Care Hospital, the six sub-districts health centres and over thirty-three chemical shops.


Jaman North Municipal was split off the former Jaman District (which has since been called Jaman South Municipal) on November 12, 2003.

List of major settlementsEdit

Settlements of Jaman North Municipal
Settlement Population Population year
Duadaso I & II
Old Drobo


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