Jakob Sverdrup (philologist)

Jakob Sverdrup (10 April 1881 – 21 November 1938) was a Norwegian philologist and lexicographer.

Jakob Sverdrup

Personal lifeEdit

He was born in Leikanger[1] as a son of the bishop and politician Jakob Sverdrup (1845–1899). He was a brother of Georg Johan Sverdrup, uncle of historian Jakob Sverdrup, a first cousin of Harald Ulrik Sverdrup, Jr, and Leif Sverdrup, a nephew of Georg Sverdrup and Edvard Sverdrup, grandson of Harald Ulrik Sverdrup, Sr, grandnephew of Johan Sverdrup and great-grandson of Jacob Liv Borch Sverdrup.[2]


He was hired as a lecturer at the University of Oslo in 1917, took the dr.philos. degree in 1928 with the thesis Zum germanischen Verbalsystem, and was promoted to professor of Germanic philology in 1929. Among his works were a German-Norwegian dictionary, released in two volumes in 1933 and 1936.[1]


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