Jakab Cseszneky

Jakab Cseszneky[citation needed] de Csesznek et Visk[citation needed] was a Hungarian aristocrat and first Lord of Csesznek[citation needed] in the 13th century.

Jakab Cseszneky
Bearer of the sword
PredecessorCsák Hahót
SuccessorPál Cseszneky
Noble familyHouse of Cseszneky
FatherMichael Bána

Jakab was the son of Mihály, member of the clan Bána, and equerry of Andrew II of Hungary.

He became the swordbearer of the King Béla IV and held also the title Count of Trencsén. About 1263 he constructed the famous[why?] gothic[citation needed] Castle of Csesznek in the Bakony mountains. Jakab Cseszneky[citation needed] and his descendants have been called after the castle: Cseszneky.

His wife was the daughter of Mark I, member of the clan Csák.[citation needed] His sons, Miklós, Lőrinc, Szomor and Mihály were important[why?] supporters of the Kings Ladislaus IV of Hungary and Charles I of Hungary and fought bravely against Máté Csák III, the powerful Hungarian feudal lord.[citation needed]


Born: ?  Died: ?
Political offices
Preceded by
Csák Hahót
Bearer of the sword
Succeeded by
Pál Cseszneky
Preceded by
Peter Káta
Master of the cupbearers
Succeeded by
Philip Kórógyi
Preceded by
Judge royal

Succeeded by
Denis Péc