Jai Simha (transl. Victory to Simha!) is a 2018 Indian Telugu-language action film produced by C. Kalyan[4] on C. K. Entertainments banner and directed by K. S. Ravikumar. It stars Nandamuri Balakrishna, Nayanthara,[5] Natasha Doshi, Hariprriya, and music was composed by Chirantan Bhatt. The film was a box office Hit.[6][7][8][9]

Jai Simha
Jai Simha.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byK. S. Ravikumar
Written byM. Ratnam
(story / dialogues)
Screenplay byK. S. Ravikumar
Produced byC. Kalyan
StarringNandamuri Balakrishna
Natasha Doshi
CinematographyC. Ram Prasad
Edited byPraveen Antony
Music byChirantan Bhatt
Release date
  • 12 January 2018 (2018-01-12)
Running time
164 minutes
Budget₹23.5 crore[2]
Box officeest.₹50 crore [3]


The film starts with Narasimha roving various places for peace Karnataka, Kerala, and lands at Tamilnadu with his newborn baby boy. In Kumbakonam, he visits the temple on Rathasapthami where the child unintentionally touches the priest. They feel an inauspicious, argument goes on which is solved by a benevolent Murali Krishna the temple secretary. He offers Narasimha a job and shelters him. Whereat, several servants reside, and Narasimha is cordial with them. Ahead, Dhanya the spoiled-brat daughter of Murali Krishna is a drug addict. Besides, Kaniyappan the local kingpin conducts underground dealing and endears his younger Panday. ASP Ravi Shankar is a newly appointed corrupt & overbearing who waives the cases of Kaniyappan taking kickbacks. Once, Narasimha resists his abuse of power publicly when he is begrudged. In the interim, Dhanya makes an accident as a drunken in which Pandey is severely injured. Being cognizant of it, Kaniyappan inflames with vengeance and assaults Murali Krishna’s house. So, Narasimha indicts himself, gets battered when Dhanya reforms and falls for him.

After a while, Central Minister Veera Raghava Reddy visits as a guest of honor from Andhra Pradesh. At that juncture, he humiliates the main priest in the temple and uppity ASP slaps him leading to Brahmins' agitation. Anyhow, Murali Krishna moves for negotiation when Narasimha forcibly makes ASP seek an apology. All of it is telecasted in media which is attended by a malicious Thota Rami Reddy at Vizag and incensed. Currently, ASP burns out of anger, ergo, he slays Pandey and creates a feud between Kaniyappan & Narasimha. Despite that, Kaniyappan gazes at the actuality and abducts ASP’s son. Amid, ASP seizes Narasimha, en route, he sights goons carrying his own. Due to this, he absconds and secures him by thrashing Kaniyappan. Then, Narasimha is stunned to see ASP remorsefully bowing his down for protecting his kid. Later he realizes this by viewing ASP’s wife Gauri. Instead of thanksgiving, she shows her hatred toward Narasimha. Here, as a flabbergast, Dhanya arrives from the backside carrying Narasimha’s child and startlingly the two are identical. Immediately, Narasimha warns Kaniyappan to stay away from ASP’s family. Dhanya onlookers all and questions Narasimha when he spins rearward.

Narasimha & Gauri are childhood besties that flourish into love along with them. Gauri the daughter of a school headmaster, returns after completing her studies. Thus far, Narasimha turns into a mechanic, owns his shed, and opposes the vices & atrocities in society. He concerns every employee with equity. Especially, Manga a naughty girl who is owed to him. One day, Narasimha spots Rami Reddy's son Ravi Shankar Reddy protesting for the MP seat at crossroads which leads to the catastrophe. Accordingly, he bars him to attend his nomination as a penalty. As a result, his nuptial is called off and he commits suicide for loss of prestige. Frenzied, Rami Reddy onslaughts on the eve of Manga’s wedlock leaving several deaths including the bridegroom. Henceforth, Narasimha strikes Rami Reddy and sits in front of the judiciary which declares a death sentence.

Meanwhile, Narasimha walks to Master with the proposal which he denies because of his jeopardy lifestyle. Out of respect for him, Narasimha decides to give up still Gauri quits the house for his love. Therefore, to impede her Narasimha espouses Manga. Spotting it, Gauri loathes him, turns aside from his life, and splices ASP. Narasimha & Manga lead a delightful life and she conceives. Suddenly, they become victims of an accident done by Rami Reddy in which Manga dies giving birth to twins. In parallel, Narasimha discerns Gauri has lost her baby so he bestows one of two on her. Master watches it and feels grateful for his sacrifice. Presently, Rami Reddy escapes from the prison, mingles with Kaniyappan, and catches hold of ASP’s family. However, Narasimha safeguards them by ceasing the baddies. But the ASP couple is wounded and tragically their kid dies in it. At last, Narasimha gives away the other to Gauri when Master salutes for his eminence whom he words to shield the couple for life long. Finally, the movie ends with Narasimha proceeding with the corpse of his deceased son.



The film received mixed to positive reviews. 123 telugu.com gave it 3 / 5 stars saying " Balakrishna is the biggest asset of the film. It is purely a film made to elevate Balakrishna and his character Narasimha ".[10] The Hindu gave a more favourable review and said that the film "gives a good contemporary action spin to an emotional story".[11]


Jai Simha
Film score by
Released24 December 2017 (2017-12-24)
LabelAditya Music
ProducerChirantan Bhatt
Chirantan Bhatt chronology
Jolly LLB 2
Jai Simha

Music was composed by Chirantan Bhatt. Music released by Aditya Music Company. The audio function was held on 24 December 2017 at Vijayawada by Nara Lokesh, Cabinet Minister of A.P.[12]

1."Anaganaga Anaganaga"Sri ManiVijay Yesudas5:12
2."Priyam Jagame"Ramajogayya SastryRevanth, Ramya Behara4:25
3."Ammakutti Ammakutti"BhaskarbhatlaJaspreet Jasz, Geetha Madhuri4:42
4."Yevevo Yevevo"BhaskarabhatlaRevanth, Shreya Ghoshal3:44
5."Jai Simha Theme"Noel SeanVivek Hariharan, Noel Sean, Aditya Iyenger3:40
Total length:21:53


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