Jahra Hospital

The Jahra Hospital (Arabic: مستشفى الجهراء) is the main public general hospital in the Jahra Governorate, Kuwait. It was first opened in 1981.

Jahra Hospital
Al-Jahra Hospital Main Entrance.jpg
Old Jahra Hospital gate
Location8MQM+8C Jahra Governorate, Kuwait
Coordinates29°20′18″N 47°41′01″E / 29.338466°N 47.683507°E / 29.338466; 47.683507Coordinates: 29°20′18″N 47°41′01″E / 29.338466°N 47.683507°E / 29.338466; 47.683507
FundingPublic hospital
Opened1981 (old hospital)
2018 (new hospital)
ListsHospitals in Kuwait

New Jahra HospitalEdit

A new integrated hospital was built next to Al-Jahra Hospital, to be a medical city serving the residents of the governorate. The medical city extends over an area of 235,000 square meters with a total building area of 724,000 square meters and contains four towers for patient rooms, one of the largest central laboratories, the largest maternity center for gynecology, and the largest accident and emergency department in Country.[1] It has 1,903 beds and was first opened in 2018.[2]


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