In Hinduism, Jaganmata ("Mother of the Universe"; jagat = "world" + mata = "mother") is considered to be Goddess Lakshmi

Mother of universe Lakshmi


It is said that Jaganmata is the mother of the entire cosmic world.[1][2] From a tiny virus to entire universe, from the non-living to the living world, the mother is Jaganmata. It is believed that she holds a lotus in one hand and other hand in a position of blessing the devotee (straightening the palm towards the devotee). It is also said that if there is a threat to the cosmic creation. She is also called Akhilandeshwari, Vishveshwari, Lokeshwari, etc.

Lakshmi is referred to as lokmata (Jaganmata) in many texts.Like in Ashta Lakshmi strotra by adi sankaracharya is following

I bow to goddess Lakshmi, who is holding Shankha(Conch),Chakra(Sudrashan),Gada(Mace) in her hands, who is world shaped,who is mother of universe, who is dear to lord,I bow her.

And many more texts like this whos considering Lakshmi as Jaganmata

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