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Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards Presentation

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The Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards Presentation (Chinese: 勁歌金曲頒獎典禮; Jyutping: ging3 go1 gam1 kuk1 baan1 zoeng2 din2 lai5) is one of the main C-pop music award in Hong Kong based on the Jade Solid Gold TVB television show. The award began with the 1984 ceremonial season after the 1983 music season.[1] Historically the ceremony is held in January following the end of the previous music season at the Hong Kong Coliseum located in Hung Hom. The show is televised on TVB station annually, and has remained to be one of the headline topics for entertainment news in the region. The other notable award is the RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Awards.


Award formatEdit

The top 10 songs of the year is the key award given out, hence the name of the award. Each year there are a number of standard awards such as "most popular male artist", "most popular female artist". Occasionally new awards are added or awards are changed.

1980s awardsEdit

1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989

1990s awardsEdit

1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999

2000s awardsEdit

2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

2010s awardsEdit

2010, 2011, 2012, 2018



Year Host
1983、1984 Ivan Ho & Winnie Yu
1985、1986 Winnie Yu
1987 Lawrence Cheng
1988 Lawrence Cheng & Philip Chan
1989 Lawrence Cheng & Money Lo
1990、1991 Lawrence Cheng
1992、1993 Carol Cheng & Lawrence Cheng
1994 Lawrence Cheng
1995 Lawrence Cheng & Anita Yuen
1996 Lawrence Cheng & Dicky Cheung
1997 Lawrence Cheng
1998 Eric Tsang & Louis Yuen
1999 Eric Tsang & Dicky Cheung
2000 Eric Tsang, Jerry Lamb & Nicola Cheung
2001 Eric Tsang, Jerry Lamb & Bondy Chiu
2002 Eric Tsang & Nadia Chan
2003 Natalis Chan, Vincent Kok & Jerry Lamb
2004 Lawrence Cheng, Ronald Cheng & Denise Ho
2005、2006 Eric Tsang & Amigo Choi
2007 Eric Tsang, Amigo Choi & Harlem Yu
2008 Eric Tsang & Amigo Choi
2009 Eric Tsang, Wong Cho Lam & Patrick Tang
2010 Louis Yuen, Wong Cho Lam & Johnson Lee
2011 Eric Tsang, Amigo Choi & Christine Ng
2012 Eric Tsang, Amigo Choi & Luisa Maria Leitao
2013 Carol Cheng ,Lawrence Cheng & Amigo Choi
2014 Carol Cheng, Amigo Choi and Bob Lam
2015 Carol Cheng, Lawrence Cheng & Amigo Choi
2016 Amigo Choi & Fama6-Wing & C-Kwan
2017 Luk Ho Ming , Louisa Mak & Crystal Fung
2018 Mayanne Mak, Edmond Hui & Albert Au

Asia Pacific Most Popular Artist Great AwardsEdit

The Asia Pacific Most Popular Artist Great Awards is one of the main awards given out in the ceremony. It does not pertain to a particular song.

Year Asia Pacific Most Popular Male Singer
Asia Pacific Most Popular Female Singer
1993 Andy Lau Faye Wong
1994 Jacky Cheung Faye Wong
1995、1996 Andy Lau Faye Wong
1997 Jacky Cheung Faye Wong
1998 Jacky Cheung A-mei Cheung
1999 Aaron Kwok Faye Wong
2000 Andy Lau Faye Wong
2001 to 2006 Andy Lau Kelly Chen
2007 Eason Chan Twins
2008 Eason Chan Joey Yung
2009 Raymond Lam Joey Yung
2010 Raymond Lam Miriam Yeung
2011 Raymond Lam Ivana Wong
2012 Lollipop F Twins
2013 Hins Cheung Jade Kwun
2014 Justin Lo Jade Kwun
2015 Alfred Hui

Jason Chan

Vincy Chan
2016 Alfred Hui Vincy Chan
2017 Hubert Wu Hana Kuk
2018 Hubert Wu Jinny Ng

Note: In 1993, TVB created a new great award called Mainland's Most Popular Hong Kong Singer Great Award(國內最受歡迎香港歌星大獎). Which is essentially the first incarnation of Asia Pacific Most Popular Hong Kong Singer Great Award (亞太區最受歡迎香港歌星大獎). The scope of the great award was increased from Mainland China to the Asia Pacific region in 1994 to now.

Most winnersEdit

In the Asia Pacific Most Popular Artist Great Awards, Andy Lau and Faye Wong had won more awards in the category with 10 and 7 awards, respectively. Andy Lau had the longest consecutive wins by a male artist from 2000 to 2006, while Kelly Chen had the longest consecutive wins by a female from 2001 to 2006, numbering 6 awards.

Most Popular Artist Great AwardsEdit

The Most Popular artist Great awards is one of the main awards given out in the ceremony. It does not pertain to a particular song.

Year Most Popular Male Singer
Most Popular Female Singer
1984 Alan Tam Jenny Tseng
1985 to 1987 Alan Tam Anita Mui
1988、1989 Leslie Cheung Anita Mui
1990 to 1992 Andy Lau Sally Yeh
1993 Leon Lai Sally Yeh
1994 Andy Lau Faye Wong
1995 Leon Lai Cass Phang
1996 Jacky Cheung Sammi Cheng
1997 Aaron Kwok Sammi Cheng
1998 Aaron Kwok Faye Wong
1999 Andy Lau Kelly Chen
2000 Aaron Kwok Kelly Chen
2001 Andy Hui Sammi Cheng
2002 Hacken Lee Miriam Yeung
2003 Hacken Lee Joey Yung
2004 Andy Lau Joey Yung
2005 Hacken Lee Joey Yung
2006、2007 Eason Chan Joey Yung
2008、2009 Leo Ku Miriam Yeung
2010、2011 Leo Ku Joey Yung
2012、2013 Raymond Lam Joey Yung
2014 Hins Cheung Joey Yung
2015 Hins Cheung Joey Yung
2016 Hins Cheung Joey Yung
2017 Hacken Lee -- Not awarded in 2017 --
2018 Hins Cheung Hana Kuk

Most winnersEdit

Within the Most Popular Artist Great Awards category, Andy Lau had the most wins by a male artist, with six, including three consecutive years from 1990 to 1992. However, Leo Ku tied for having the longest series consecutive records, with five wins from 2008 to 2012. For the female artists, Joey Yung had the most wins with twelve categories, including longest six consecutive records from 2003 to 2007, 2010 to 2016.

Other eventsEdit

Annual 2014, Joey Yung tenth times achieved Most Popular Female Artist Great Awards, furthermore achieved 「Most Popular Artist Ten Years Great Awards」.

Annual 2015, Hins Cheung become to Hong Kong Macau Music Emperor;Joey Yung become to Central Music Empress.

Gold Song Gold AwardsEdit

In addition to the top 10 tracks awarded each year, the following Gold Song Gold Awards (金曲金獎) is given to the best song of the year.

Year Song name in Chinese Artist
1984 愛在深秋 Alan Tam
1985 愛情陷阱 Alan Tam
1986 有誰共鳴 Leslie Cheung
1987 無心睡眠 Leslie Cheung
1988 祝福 Sally Yeh
1989 夕陽之歌 Anita Mui
1990 焚心以火 Sally Yeh
1991 每天愛你多一些 Jacky Cheung
1992 分手總要在雨天 Jacky Cheung
1993 祇想一生跟你走 Jacky Cheung
1994 那有一天不想你 Leon Lai
1995 離開以後 Jacky Cheung
1996 情深說話未曾講 Leon Lai
1997 只要為我愛一天 Leon Lai
1998 我這樣愛你 Leon Lai
1999 插曲 Sammi Cheng
2000 少女的祈禱 Miriam Yeung
2001 Shall We Talk Eason Chan
2002 明年今日 Eason Chan
2003 我的驕傲 Joey Yung
2004 小城大事 Miriam Yeung
2005 無賴 Ronald Cheng
2006 愛得太遲 Leo Ku
2007 花落誰家 Hacken Lee
2008 囍帖街 Kay Tse
2009 搜神記 Joey Yung
2010 男人信什麼 Janice Vidal & JW
2011 Chok Raymond Lam
2012 留白 Ivana Wong
2013 天窗 Joey Yung
2014 越難越愛 Jinny Ng
2015 眼淚的秘密 Jinny Ng
2016 一個都不能少 Hacken Lee
2017 失魂記 Hacken Lee
2018 百年樹木 Hins Cheung

Note: In 2010, 男人信什麼 broke the record as being the first duet song to win this title. Further, JW is the first artist to win this award in their debut year as artist.

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