Jacqui Wood (born 4 January 1950) is a British archaeologist and writer, specializing in the daily life of prehistoric Europeans.

As of 2001, she is director of Saveock Water Archaeology, and also the director and founder of Cornwall Celtic Village, a reconstructed Bronze-Iron Age settlement.

She was a member of the National Education Committee of the Council for British Archaeology (CBA) for three years, and secretary of the CBA for the south west region for another three years. As of 1995, she was a member of the General Committee of the Cornwall Archaeological Society and consultant to the Eden Project in Cornwall.

She has published several papers in archaeology journals and conferences, and gave many lectures throughout Europe. She has also appeared on many TV programmes about prehistoric dwellings and cooking.

She also gave demonstrations of Bronze Age technology for English Heritage, researched the grass cloak of Ötzi the Iceman, as well as his shoes (which she believes are actually snowshoes), and made replicas of them for the Bolzano museum devoted to the mummy. She also made a replica of the Orkney Hood (Britain’s oldest textile) for the Orkney Council, and replicas of various prehistoric dwellings.

Jacqui appeared in several episodes of Time Team giving practical demonstrations of prehistoric cooking and other domestic tasks. (such as episode 8 of series 11)

Books and papersEdit

  • Jacqui Wood, Prehistoric Cooking. Stroud, Tempus.
  • Jacqui Wood, Cliff Dreamers. e-book at lulu.com.
  • Jacqui Wood, Tasting the Past: Recipes from the Stone Age to the Present. History Press.

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