Jacques de Luxembourg, Seigneur de Richebourg

Jacques de Luxembourg, Seigneur de Richebourg (1426 – Nantes, 20 August 1487) was a French noble who served Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy and later King Louis XI of France.

Jacques de Luxembourg as Knight in the Order of the Golden Fleece (Den Haag, KB, 76 E 10, fol. 71r)


Jacques was the third son of Peter I, Count of Saint-Pol and Margaret of Baux.[1] He fought beside Arthur de Richemont, Constable of France, at Formigny.[1] He was knighted after the Battle of Gavere on 23 July 1453. In the following years, he served Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy as an army commander. In 1468 he was awarded the Order of the Golden Fleece.[1] Supporting the Burgundians, Jacques was wounded and captured by the French near Arras.[1] While convalescing in Paris, he agreed to serve Louis XI and was made chamberlain.[1] He received the French Order of Saint Michael.[1]

Jacques died in 1487 and was buried at the Cistercian abbey at Cercamp.[1]

Marriage and issueEdit

He married firstly Jeanne, comtesse de Sarrewerden and Moers, and secondly Isabelle de Roubaix (1415–1498), daughter of Pierre de Roubaix. He had 2 sons, who died young and 3 daughters.
He was succeeded by his daughter Isabelle de Luxembourg, who married Jean III de Melun (1460–1504).


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