Jacqueline de Bueil

Jacqueline de Bueil (1588-1651), was a French noblewoman and mistress to Henry IV of France in 1604-1608.

Jacqueline de Bueil

Early lifeEdit

She was born as daughter of Claude de Bueil, Seigneur de Courcillon (1537-1596) and his wife Catherine de Montcler.

Marriages and court lifeEdit

Although firstly married to Philippe de Harlay| de Champvallon (1582-1652), Count de Césy, she had a child with the king, Antoine de Bourbon-Bueil (1606-1632). She was also known to have had affairs with several other men at court, among them with Claude de Lorraine, Duke of Chevreuse, and participated in several plots. In 1607 she divorced her husband and later married René II Crespin Crespin du Bec , Marquis de Vardes and had legitimate issue with him.


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