Jacob Matham

Portrait of Jacob Matham in Het Gulden Cabinet, engraving by Antony van der Does

Jacob Matham (15 October 1571 – 20 January 1631), of Haarlem, was a famous engraver and pen-draftsman.


Engraving of a beached whale, after Hendrik Goltzius.

He was the stepson and pupil of painter and draftsman Hendrik Goltzius,[1] and brother-in-law to engraver Simon van Poelenburgh, having married his sister, Marijtgen.[2][3] He made several engravings after the paintings of Peter Paul Rubens from 1611-1615,[4] and also a series after the work of Pieter Aertsen.[5] In 1613, engraver Jan van de Velde was apprenticed to him.[6] He was the father of Jan, Theodor and Adriaen Matham, the latter of whom was a notable engraver in his own right.


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