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Jack Nasher (born 1979 in Korbach; Jack Lord Nasher-Awakemian)[1] is a bestselling author, negotiation advisor,[2] and a professor at Munich Business School[3] and on the faculty of Stanford University[4].


Jack Nasher Awakemian
Jack Nasher.jpg
Jack Nasher Awakemian

(1979-06-01) June 1, 1979 (age 40)
Korbach, Germany
OccupationManagement Psychologist
Years active2004–present
Known forNegotiation, Business Psychology, Mentalism


Early life and educationEdit

Nasher was born to a Syrian-Armenian-American father, a surgeon, and a German-Afghan mother, internal medicine physian and an author.[5][6]

Nasher went to school in Germany, France, and in the United States.[7] He received a master's degree in Philosophy and Psychology at Trier University.[8] He graduated with law degree from Frankfurt University, received a master's degree in management studies from Oxford University; and was a Research Associate of Holywell Manor, Oxford,.[9] He completed a doctorate in philosophy at Vienna University.[10] Nasher concluded his legal training at the European Court of Justice, at the European Parliament, and at the law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom.[11] and at the German mission to the United Nations in New York City.[12]



Nasher started his teaching career as a tutor at Oxford University, where he also conducted interviews for prospective students, before being appointed Professor for Leadership and Organization at Munich Business School in 2010.[13] At the time of his appointment, he was the youngest professor in the state of Bavaria.[14] He is on the faculty of Stanford University since 2018.[15]


Nasher mostly applies psychological concepts in order to assess and influence individuals, mostly in the context of negotiations. He is a contributor for Forbes.[16] Nasher's books reached multiple bestselling status in Germany[17][18][19][20][21] and were subsequently published in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Korea, Russia, Taiwan, and China[22] and

Nasher's work has been covered in publications such as The Wall Street Journal[23][24], ZEIT[25], Fast Company[26], Inc.[27] and Forbes[28].

Nasher's bestsellers Durchschaut (2010) and Entlarvt! (2015) focused on tools to detect deceit,[25]. In Deal! Nasher focused on negotiation techniques. The book became one of Germany's best selling business books of the year and was considered one of the best career books of the year.[29]

  • CONVINCED! How to Prove Your Competence and Win People Over. Berrett-Koehler 2018, ISBN 9781523095599
  • Deal! Du gibst mir, was ich will. Frankfurt/New York: Campus 2013, ISBN 978-3593398211 also published in Russia, Korea, Taiwan, China, Austria and in Switzerland.[30]
  • Durchschaut! Das Geheimnis, kleine und große Lügen zu entlarven. Random House 2010, ISBN 978-3-453-16992-0 also published in China, Korea, Taiwan, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland.[31]

Awards and membershipsEdit

  • In 2016, Nasher received the Gold Medal for best paper at the International Conference on Applied Psychology in Colombo/Sri Lanka[32]
  • Full member, Society of Personality & Social Psychology
  • Principle Practitioner, Association of Business Psychologists


Nasher donated his royalties from his book publication on Karl Popper's Open Society (“Die Staatstheorie Karl Poppers") to Human Rights Watch,[33] a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization.[34]


Nasher is an avid mentalist and regularly performs at The Magic Castle[35][36] in Hollywood, California. He has performed in the show Manhattan Magic on Times Square in New York City in 2009.,[37] and was a participant in the German TV-Show The next Uri Geller.[38]

Nasher acted as a co-executive producer for the British gangster movie "The Smoke"[39] that was introduced at the Marbella International Film Festival.[40]

He is a cousin of the Afghan singer Farhad Darya.


Jack Nasher in 2013
  • What Makes Leaders Look Great? Actual and Perceived Competence of Leaders; interactive poster presented at the 42nd Annual Conference of the European International Business Academy (EIBA), December 2–5, 2016, Vienna/Austria.
  • The Art of Showing Expertise, CECE Congress “Industry in Transformation. Drivers of Success“; October 5–7, 2016, Prague/Czech Republic
  • Casting a Brick for a Jade, 6th International Biennial on Negotiation, November 16–18, Paris/France
  • The Impression of Competence, International Conference on Applied Psychology, August 26–28, 2016, Colombo/Sri Lanka.
  • The Norm of Reciprocity Revisited, 11th Global Research Symposium, June 15–17, 2016, Rome/Italy.


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