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Sheikh Jaber bin Abdullah (Arabic: جابر بن عبد الله‎; Jaber I or Jaber Al-Aish; 1770 – 1859) was the third ruler of Kuwait, governing from 1814 to 1859. He was the eldest son of Abdullah bin Sabah who he succeeded upon Sheikh Abdullah's death.

Jaber bin Abdullah
Reign3 May 1814 – 1859
PredecessorAbdullah I Al-Sabah
SuccessorSabah II Al-Sabah
Died1859 (aged 86–87)
Spousea daughter of Sheikh Sultan bin Sabah Al-Sabah
FatherAbdullah I Al-Sabah

The British had requested that Bin Abdullah allow them to turn Kuwait into a protectorate, he refused.

Nicknamed Jaber Al-Aish, Bin Abdullah was said to have generously given rice and bread to the poor.

He was succeeded by his eldest son Sabah II Al-Sabah.[1]


Jaber I Al-Sabah
Born: 1772 Died: 1859
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Abdullah I Al-Sabah
Sheikh of Kuwait
3 May 1814–1859
Succeeded by
Sabah II Al-Sabah