Jaam-e-Jam (TV channel)

Jaam-E-Jam International is the name of a Los Angeles, United States-based television channel, featuring content from Iranian immigrants.

Jaam-e Jam was established in 1982 by Manouchehr Bibiyan in collaboration with immigrants who fled to the U.S. following the 1979 Iranian Revolution. Bibiyan was a former recording company director from Tehran who moved to Southern California.

The station is critical of the government of Iran, and has received a great deal of media attention as a result. In particular, the station has featured sketch comedy that has parodied the leaders of the Iranian government.

In addition, the station recorded numerous music videos by Iranian pop stars in the 1980s, and broadcasts many reports from the Iranian diaspora. The channel broadcasts are widely available in many parts of the world via satellite.

It should not be confused with the similarly named Iranian state's international channel Jame Jam TV.

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