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JD Gaming (JDG) is a Chinese professional esports organization based in Beijing. It has two League of Legends teams: a main roster that competes in the League of Legends Pro League (LPL), the top-level league for the game in China, and an academy roster named Joy Dream that competes in the League of Legends Developmental League (LDL), China's secondary league. Both teams were formed on 20 May 2017 after e-commerce company JD.com acquired the LPL spot of the QG Reapers[1] and the LSPL (now LDL) spot of Now or Never.

JD Gaming
Logo of JD Gaming
Short nameJDG
GameLeague of Legends
FoundedApril 2017 (2017-04)
Based inBeijing, China
StadiumJDG Esports Centre
CEOShao "Choice" Xiao-Hang
Championships1× LPL (Spring 2020)
Parent groupJD.com
JD Gaming
Simplified Chinese京东电子竞技俱乐部
Traditional Chinese京東電子競技俱樂部
Literal meaningJingdong Esports Club

Prior to the acquisitions, JD Gaming had an all-female League of Legends team and an Overwatch team, both of which saw only minor success and were disbanded.[1]


Most of the QG Reapers' players and staff joined JD Gaming after their organization's acquisition by JD.com on 20 May 2017. JD Gaming's first roster consisted of top laner Kan "Kabe" Ho-man, junglers Kim "Clid" Tae-min and Chang "Xinyi" Ping, mid laner Kim "Doinb" Tae-sang, bot laners Xu "Barrett" Qiubin and Lee "LokeN" Dong-wook, and supports Hu "Cloud" Zhenwei and Zuo "LvMao" Minghao. The team's first tournament was the 2017 Demacia Cup, which they placed ninth to twelfth after losing 0–2 to LGD Gaming.[citation needed]

JD Gaming was placed in Group B for the 2017 LPL Summer Split, placing fifth in their group with a 6–10 record. The team qualified for the 2017 National Electronic Sports Tournament (NEST) after defeating Edward Gaming 2–0 in the qualifiers. JD Gaming was able to make it to the NEST finals, where they lost 0–2 to Invictus Gaming. Following NEST, JD Gaming underwent several roster changes: Kabe, Xinyi, Doinb, Barrett, and Cloud left the team, while top laner Zhang "Zoom" Xingran and mid laner Zeng "YaGao" Qo joined to replace the vacant positions. The newly revised roster of Zoom, Clid, YaGao, LokeN, and LvMao placed fourth in the 2017 Demacia Championship after losing 0–2 to Invictus Gaming once again.[citation needed]

During the 2018 LPL Spring Split, JD Gaming was a member of the league's eastern conference, where they placed fourth with a 10–9 record. This placement qualified them for playoffs, where they placed seventh to eighth overall after losing 0–3 to Bilibili Gaming. JD Gaming placed third in the 2018 LPL Summer Split eastern conference with a 13–6 record and qualified for playoffs, where they placed third again after defeating Rogue Warriors 3–0 in the third place match. The team was unable to qualify for the 2018 World Championship after Edward Gaming knocked them out of the 2018 LPL Regional Finals with a close 3–2 victory.[2] JD Gaming took first place at NEST 2018 after defeating Topsports Gaming 2–1 in the finals.[citation needed]

Clid and LokeN left JD Gaming during the offseason on 20 November 2018. In December 2018, junglers Sung "Flawless" Yeon-jun and Đỗ "Levi" Duy Khánh were acquired from Rogue Warriors and 100 Thieves respectively,[3][4] while bot laners Ju "Bvoy" Yeong-hoon and Gu "Imp" Seung-bin joined from Young Miracles and Team WE respectively to complete the roster. The new roster placed seventh to eighth in the 2018 Demacia Cup.[citation needed]

JD Gaming placed eighth in the regular season of the 2019 LPL Spring Split, barely qualifying for playoffs as the last seed. The team went on to exceed many analysts' expectations by making it to the grand finals[5][6] after taking upset victories over Team WE, Royal Never Give Up,[7] and FunPlus Phoenix,[8] who were fifth, fourth, and first respectively in the regular season. However, JD Gaming was ultimately swept 3–0 by Invictus Gaming in the grand finals.[9][10][11]

It was announced on 13 May 2019 that Levi and Bvoy had left JD Gaming, with the former returning to his former team, GAM Esports.[12] On 23 May 2019, jungler Seo "Kanavi" Jin-hyeok joined JD Gaming from Griffin.[13]

JD Gaming placed tenth in the regular season of the 2019 LPL Summer Split, missing playoffs. The team was unable to qualify for the 2019 World Championship after narrowly losing to Invictus Gaming in the first round of the regional finals. Imp retired and left JD Gaming at the end of 2019,[14] and was replaced with former Top Esports bot laner Lee "LokeN" Dong-wook. With this new roster, JD Gaming took third place at the 2019 Demacia Cup, defeating Vici Gaming in the third-place match.

JD Gaming did not make any additional roster changes going into the 2020 LPL Spring Split, and finished second in the regular season. This placement gave JD Gaming a bye to the semifinals, where they swept defending world champions FunPlus Phoenix in an upset result.[15][16] JD Gaming then defeated Top Esports in a close series at the grand finals, earning their first LPL title.[17]


JD Gaming League of Legends roster
Players Coaches
Role Handle Name Nationality
Top  Zoom  Zhang Xingran  China 
Jungle  Kanavi  Seo Jin-hyeok  South Korea 
Mid  Yagao  Zeng Qi  China 
Bot  LokeN  Lee Dong-wook  South Korea 
Support  LvMao  Zuo Minghao  China 
Bot  Lpc    Huang Hao  China 
Bot  Mystic    Jin Seong-jun  South Korea 
Head coach

Shih "Chashao" Yi-hao

Assistant coach(es)
  • Cui "Huge" Hu
  • Li Renzhe
  • Wu "Vusso" Shuo
  • Xiong "Daxiong" Zubin

  • (I) Inactive
  • (S) Suspended
  •   Substitute
  •   Injury / Illness

Roster updated 26 May 2021.

Tournament resultsEdit

Placement Event Final result (W–L)
9th–12th 2017 Demacia Cup 0–2 (against LGD Gaming)
5th 2017 LPL Summer Split (Group B) 6–10
Qualified NEST 2017 Qualifiers 2–0 (against Edward Gaming)
2nd NEST 2017 0–2 (against Invictus Gaming)
4th 2017 Demacia Championship 0–2 (against Invictus Gaming)
4th 2018 LPL Spring Split (East) 10–9
7th–8th 2018 LPL Spring Playoffs 0–3 (against Bilibili Gaming)
3rd 2018 LPL Summer Split (East) 13–6
3rd 2018 LPL Summer Playoffs 3–0 (against Rogue Warriors)
3rd 2018 LPL Regional Finals 2–3 (against Edward Gaming)
1st NEST 2018 2–1 (against Topsports Gaming)
7th–8th 2018 Demacia Cup 1–2 (against Edward Gaming)
8th 2019 LPL Spring Split 9–6
2nd 2019 LPL Spring Playoffs 0–3 (against Invictus Gaming)
5th–8th NEST 2019 1–2 (against Invictus Gaming)
2nd Rift Rivals 2019 LCK-LPL-LMS-VCS 1–3 (against LCK)
10th 2019 LPL Summer Split 6–9
3rd 2019 LPL Regional Finals 2–3 (against Invictus Gaming)
3rd 2019 Demacia Cup 3–0 (against Vici Gaming)
1st 2020 LPL Scrims League 3–0
2nd 2020 LPL Spring Split 12–4
1st 2020 LPL Spring Playoffs 3–2 (against Top Esports)
1st 2020 LPL Summer Split 13–3
2nd 2020 LPL Summer Playoffs 2–3 (against Top Esports)
5th–8th 2020 World Championship 1–3 (against Suning)
3rd–4th 2020 Demacia Cup 2–3 (against Team WE)
4th 2021 LPL Spring Split 12–4
5th–6th 2021 LPL Spring Playoffs 1–3 (against FunPlus Phoenix)
12th 2021 LPL Summer Split 7–9


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