A JD–MBA is a dual degree program offered by many universities in the United States and Canada. The programs are jointly offered by universities' graduate business and law schools, and allow students to use credits from certain classes in one degree to count for course requirements at the other degree. This allows students to complete both the three-year Juris Doctor and two-year Master of Business Administration programs in four years instead of the normal five years if done consecutively.

Application ProcessEdit

Due to the JD/MBA dual degree programs distinction schools have varying application processes. Some schools, like Harvard,[1] will need their applicants to apply and get accepted to both their law school and business school, for their J.D and M.B.A programs respectively. Also, during a graduate student's first year of either law or business school, they can apply for the other school to start their dual-degree program.

J.D General Application:

The J.D application process requires the applicant to provide:[2]

  • University Application Forms
  • LSAT Exam Scores
  • Sometimes GRE Exam scores in replacement of LSAT
  • Undergraduate G.P.A. and transcript
  • Letters of Recommendations
  • Personal Statement
  • Resume/C.V/Work experience

M.B.A. General Application[3]

The M.B.A application process usually requires the applicant to provide:

  • University Application Forms
  • GMAT Exam Scores
  • GRE Exam scores sometimes in replacement of GMAT
  • M.B.A application essay(s)
  • M.B.A application personal statements
  • Resume/C.V/Work Experience

Other Application OptionsEdit

Many schools may not need the entirety of both law and business school applications. Schools, such as University of Pennsylvania have JD/MBA programs were they will directly apply to the program through either the law school or business school and use the respective schools Exam (LSAT for Law school, GMAT for business school, GRE possible replacement for both).[4] Some schools offer both applying directly to the dual degree program as well as options of applying through either the university's respective law school and/or the university's respective business school such as NYU.[5]

By countryEdit


Top-ranking Canadian JD/MBA programs include a four-year JD/MBA at the University of British Columbia, University of Toronto,[6] York University,[7] Queen's University,[8] the three-year JD/MBA at the University of Western Ontario[9] and the three and a half year JD/MBA at the University of Ottawa.[10] Students may apply to the joint program before matriculating to either program, or after matriculating to either law school or business school.[11]

United StatesEdit

Many schools in the US offer JD/MBA programs. There are three common lengths of time offered for JD/MBA programs: three-year, three-and-a-half-year, or four-year. All schools listed below with three- or three-and-a-half-year programs also offer a four-year option for the program. Schools listed under the four-year programs only offer a four-year (eight-semester) program.

Three-year programsEdit

Three-year programs can usually be completed in six semesters. Most programs allow for two summer internships; however, some require students to take classes for at least one summer.[12] Here are some schools that offer three-year JD/MBA programs:

University of Pennsylvania,[13]

Yale University,[14]

Columbia University,[15]

Southern Methodist University,[16]

George Mason University,[17]

Northwestern University,[18]

University of Notre Dame,[19]

University of Georgia,[20]

Temple University,[21]

Belmont University,[22]

University of Chicago,[23]

and University of Richmond.[24]

Three-and-a-half-year programsEdit

Three-and-a-half-year programs are supposed to be completed in seven semesters. Here are some schools that offer three-and-a-half-year JD/MBA programs:

Duke University,[25]

Emory University,[26]

Boston University,[27]

Cornell University,[28]

and University of South Carolina.[29]

Four-year programsEdit

Four-year programs can be completed in eight semesters. Here are some schools that offer only four-year JD/MBA programs:

College of William & Mary,[30]

Harvard University,[31]

University of California, Berkeley,[32]

New York University,[33]

Brigham Young University,[34]

Stanford University,[35]

Georgetown University,[36]

Northeastern University,[37]

Pepperdine University,[38]

Villanova University,[39]

Elon University,[40]

Liberty University,[41]

University of Missouri,[42]

University of Houston,[43]

University of Utah,[44]

University of Wyoming,[45]

Santa Clara University,[46]

University at Buffalo,[47]


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