Johan Sigfrid Sirén

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Johan Sigfrid Sirén (27 May 1889 – 5 March 1961) was a Finnish architect. He is best known for Eduskuntatalo, which is where the Parliament of Finland meets.

Johan Sigfrid Sirén
Eduskuntatalo (1931).


Sirén was born in 1889 in Ylihärmä.[1] In 1907, he graduated from high school and started his studies at the Helsinki University of Technology.[1] After receiving his diploma in 1913, Sirén worked for Jung & Fabritius until 1917.[1] In 1918, he founded an office with Kaarlo Borg and Urho Åberg.[1] In 1924, they won a contest for the design of Eduskuntatalo, the Parliament House of Finland.[1] The three soon parted ways and Sirén continued work on the Eduskuntatalo alone.[1] During the construction period from 1926 to 1931, he acted as a supervisor.[1]

Sirén went on to hold his own office, and his later work included the expansion of the main building of the University of Helsinki.[1] In 1931, Sirén was also appointed a professor of architecture at the Helsinki University of Technology.[1] He retired from the position in 1957, and died in Helsinki in 1961.[1] He is buried in the Hietaniemi Cemetery in Helsinki.[2]

Sirén's son Heikki Siren was also a renowned architect, as was his daughter-in-law Kaija Siren.


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