J. A. Seazer

Takaaki Terahara (寺原 孝明, Terahara Takaaki), known professionally as Julius Arnest "J.A." Caesar (born 6 October 1948), is a Japanese film and theater music composer.[1] Seazer enjoyed popularity among students in Japan during the 1960s, and worked closely with director Shuji Terayama and his theater Tenjo Sajiki until Terayama's death (besides incidental music, he wrote a few full-fledged rock operas for Tenjo Sajiki, including Shintokumaru). He is a member of the theatrical company Experimental Laboratory of Theatre ◎ Universal Gravitation (演劇実験室◎万有引力, Engeki-Jikkenshitsu Ban'yū Inryoku), better known as just Ban'yū Inryoku. He gained more mainstream attention for his songs composed for the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena,[2] and has also composed the score to the animated film adaptation of Suehiro Maruo's manga Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freak Show (also known as Midori or Shojo-tsubaki).


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