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J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez is an American lifestyle brand founded by Jennifer Lopez in 2001.

J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez
IndustrySweetface Fashion
Lancaster (Coty, Inc.)
Founded2001 (2001)
FounderJennifer Lopez
HeadquartersUnited States
Area served
Key people
Jennifer Lopez
Andy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger
ProductsConsumer goods
DivisionsGlow by J.Lo

The line became a large success in the United States and international markets.[1]



Conception and launchEdit

On April 2, 2001, it was announced that Lopez would be launching a clothing line, entitled J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez, in time for the holiday season. The line, which would eventually also include eyewear, swimwear, accessories and a fragrance, was to be backed up by an investment group led by Andy Hilfiger and Larry Stemmerman.[2] During the conference, Lopez was quoted as saying that: "it's time for the world to wear my look."[2]

Lopez told reporters that designing clothing was a childhood dream come true, "Even before i learned to dance and sing and act in films, i was just redesigning clothes. I found that there was not exactly what I needed that fit me at the time [...] From the time I was little I would get a whacked pair of pants, really cheap, cut them up and make a beautiful tiny mini skirt out of them because I was on a lower budget at the time [...] I'd get just a plain sweatshirt and I'd make suspenders out of it by (cutting) off the sleeves, or I'd get a little pair of my pants for my birthday and I'd open them up, sew them together, cut them off, and I'd have a really cute little pink mini skirt, or something. I'd rip off the Smurf pockets."[3] Lopez made clear a main incentive for her fashion line, to fit women who had issues like her finding the right clothes "I find it is difficult for women who are curvaceous to find clothes in stores that fit. The voluptuous woman is almost ignored. I want to offer clothes that are wonderfully designed and will fit women of all sizes. Everybody gets to be sexy."[3]

Lopez officially announced and launched a lifestyle brand as "J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez" in April 2001; she introduced it as not only a fashion line, but as something that would also include many different types of clothing for young and older women, including swimwear, fragrances, eyewear, jewelry, hats, gloves, and scarves, outerwear, handbags, lingerie, bed sheets, decorative pillows, watches and footwear.[4][5]

Sweetface FashionEdit

Sweetface Fashion, an organization owned by Andy Hilfiger, primarily owns J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez's fashion line (however does not have connection to its fragrances). Denise Seegal, the president of the Sweetface Company, said of the company "Our goal as a lifestyle brand is to dress our consumers from head-to-toe with products inspired by Jennifer, and lingerie will be an integral part of the J. Lo look."[6] In 2003, Sweetface Fashion which owns the J.Lo By Jennifer Lopez line was bought out by Tommy Hilfiger, Andy Hilfiger's brother, and Lopez's partner in Sweetface Fashion.[7]

In 2007, it was announced that Lopez would drop the J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez brand and begin selling a new line in the United States, "JustSweet", using the same company as the one she used for the J.Lo line.[8] "JustSweet" was put to rest, and later confirmed closed down.[9][10]

JLo by Jennifer Lopez relaunchEdit

In 2010, Jennifer Lopez signed a deal with Kohl's,[11] where she started selling her Jennifer Lopez Collection under JLo by Jennifer Lopez brand. In the following years, the brand expanded to new territories like Mexico, Panama and Colombia.


The line was described by Lopez as affordable, with prices ranging from $20 for smaller items to over $800.[3]

The garments from the line are a reminiscent of what the public has seen Lopez wear previously, including her outfits in movies and music videos; however did not include pieces like her highly publicized "out of this world" Green Versace Dress.[3] Lopez said she hoped the line would appeal to adults and teens.[3] A swimsuit collection was made available, designed by Lopez herself.[12] In 2003, Lopez signed a deal with the Warnaco Group to manufacture and sell a new lingerie collection including underwear, lounge-wear and sleepwear; Joe Gromek, the president and chief executive officer of the Warnaco Group stated ""Jennifer's femininity and signature style have made her a fashion icon and we are confident that JLO Lingerie will bring some new excitement to intimate apparel."[13] The J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez line spawned another minor line, a sportswear line for Girls, "The J.Lo Girls Collection". It was inspired by Lopez's fashion and made into sporting clothes such as key pieces novelty tops, shorts, skirts and bottoms, denim sportswear jackets and jeans.[14]

Glow for WomenEdit

In March 2002, it was announced that J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez (Sweetface) was to go in business with the Lancaster Group (a division of Coty, Inc. to create a fragrance/make up line to be endorsed by Lopez, to be a part of the J.Lo line.[15] On the partnership, a Lancaster representative said "The products will be designed to reflect the inspirational, confident and desirable qualities of Jennifer Lopez herself."[15] Lopez said that the cosmetics line will reflect the brand, "I think people will find that this fragrance embodies the J.Lo brand's spirit, character, energy—it is a true reflection of the modern, independent, yet passionate woman," Lopez said in a statement."[15] Glow for Women was launched in August 2002, as one of the most hyped launches of the year.[16]

In late 2002, her debut fragrance, Glow by J.Lo was released,[17] and brought in $40 million internationally in just the space of the remaining months of 2002.[18] The fragrance briefly faced a lawsuit with Glow Industries, which was ruled in Lopez & Coty, Inc.'s favor.[19][20] The fragrance has led a handful of flankers. As of 2016, Jennifer Lopez released 26 fragrances.

List of fragrancesEdit

Name Target sex Year of release Label Source
Glow by J.Lo Women 2002 Coty, Inc. [21]
Still Jennifer Lopez Women 2003 [22]
Miami Glow Women 2005 [21]
Love at First Glow Women 2005 [21]
Live Jennifer Lopez Women 2005 [21]
Glow After Dark Women 2006 [21]
Live Luxe Women 2006 [21]
Glow by J.Lo Shimmer Limited Edition Women 2007 Coty, Inc. [21]
Glow After Dark by J.Lo Shimmer Limited Edition Women 2007 Coty, Inc. [21]
Deseo Women 2008 [21]
Deseo for Men Men 2008 [21]
Deseo Forever Women 2008 [23]
Live Platinum Women 2008 [21]
Sunkissed Glow Women 2009 [21]
My Glow Women 2009 [21]
Blue Glow Women 2010 [21]
Love and Glamour Women 2010 [21]
L.A. Glow Women 2011 [21]
Love & Light Women 2011` [21]
Glowing by JLo Women 2012 [21]
Eau de Glow Women 2012 [21]
Forever Glowing Women 2013 [21]
Rio Glow Women 2013 [21]
JLove Women 2013 [21]
Glowing Goddess Women 2014 [21]
Wild Glow Women 2014 [21]
JLuxe Women 2015 [21]
JLust Women 2016 [21]
Enduring Glow Women 2018 [21]


A year after the line's official launch by 2003, Lopez had already sold $175M worth of products in the U.S.[13] Jeffrey Peterson, Quepasa Chairman and Founder said "In a similar way to how Quepasa pioneered the Hispanic Internet on a national level in the United States during the late '90s, Jennifer Lopez started the trend of celebrity fashion brands in 2001. This is a perfect example of how the strong Quepasa brand can be leveraged in an online product launch to a new audience."[24]


Lopez's frequent use of animal fur in her clothing lines has brought the scorn of people concerned with animal rights.[25] At the Los Angeles premiere of Monster-in-Law, more than 100 protesters from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) held a demonstration to highlight their concerns.[26] Director of marketing, Charlie Ross said "Jennifer Lopez is a great lover of fur. She is always photographed wearing fur and it was a material she loves and wanted to use. Sweetface is a luxury label, and Jennifer wanted her furs. She told me her favourite piece in the collection is a fabulous bleached silver fox coat with strips of the fox stitched onto a chiffon back."[27]


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