Jörg Hubert Meuthen (German: [ˈjœəg ˈmɔʏtn̩]; born 29 June 1961)[1] is a German economist and politician serving as Federal spokesman for Alternative for Germany (AfD) since July 2015.[2] He was frontrunner for the AfD at the 2016 Baden-Württemberg state election and has been a Member of Parliament and parliamentary leader since March 2016.[2] Since the end of 2017, Meuthen has been a member of the European Parliament[3] and deputy chairman of the EFDD.[4] He was the leading candidate of the AfD for the 2019 European Parliament election.[5]

Jörg Meuthen
Jörg Meuthen 2015 (portrait).jpg
Jörg Meuthen in 2015
Born (1961-06-29) 29 June 1961 (age 58)
InstitutionAcademy of Kehl

The regional film fund HessenFilm [1] fired CEO Hans Joachim Mendig over a controversial September 24 2019 meeting with Jörg Meuthen.[6]


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