Izza Kizza (born Terry Davis in 1981[1]) is an American hip hop recording artist and MC, currently signed to Timbaland's Mosley Music Group label. He is known for creating mixes with an eclectic flow and versatile style, recalling some of hip-hop's most playful moments.[2]

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Born and raised in Valdosta, Georgia, Terry started performing at the age of twelve in a singing group that consisted of his older brother and his two godbrothers.[1][3] Later, influenced by appearance of emerging acts such as Kris Kross, he started his own career as an MC, adopting the stage name of Izza Kizza and gaining a significant local following. This brought him to the attention of the production duo Soul Diggaz. Following their invite, he relocated to New Jersey in order to further his music career.[1] There he collaborated with renowned hip-hop artists such as Missy Elliott (resulting in the song "Walk The Dawg", which samples singer Shirley Ellis' "The Clapping Song"[4]), and ultimately accepted the offer to sign for Timbaland's record label, Mosley Music/Interscope Records. He has since left Timbaland's MMG citing that Timbaland was too busy with his solo album, Shock Value II, and didn't want to wait for him to finish with his other obligations. They are still friends.

Izza's first mixtape, "Kizzaland", mixed by Nick Catchdubs, was made available as a free download in 2008 via his weblog,[5] sporting mixes by Timbaland, Soul Diggaz and Koolade. One of the songs from the mixtape, "Red Wine", was featured as the opening track of Paste Magazine's June 2008 New-Music Sampler CD.[2] The song "Millionaire" was included in the soundtrack for the Madden NFL 09 video game,[6] as well as his song "They're Everywhere" being included on the NBA 2K10 video game soundtrack.

"They're Everywhere" also appeared on the 5th season of the popular FOX dance competition So You Think You Can Dance in a hip-hop routine danced by 4th-place finisher Kayla Radomski and 7th-place finisher Jason Glover, it was choreographed by Shane Sparks.

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