Izushi Shrine

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Izushi jinja (出石神社) is a Shinto shrine located in the west of Toyooka in Hyōgo Prefecture in Japan.[1]

Izushi jinja
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Izushi jinja
Location99, Miyauchi, Izushi-cho, Toyooka city
Izushi Shrine is located in Japan
Izushi Shrine
Shown within Japan
Geographic coordinates35°28′55″N 134°52′13″E / 35.48194°N 134.87028°E / 35.48194; 134.87028Coordinates: 35°28′55″N 134°52′13″E / 35.48194°N 134.87028°E / 35.48194; 134.87028
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Historical records present conflicting narratives about the foundation of the shrine in the 1st century BC.[2] It was mentioned in the Kojiki and the Nihonshoki.[3]

Izushi was designated as the chief Shinto Shrine (ichinomiya) for the former Tajima province. [4] Amenohiboko is enshrined.[5] A passage in the nihongi from the reign of Emperor Suinin mentions the "divine treasures of Izushi" (Izushi no kandakara) brought to Japan by Ame no hihoko.[6]

From 1871 through 1946, Izushi was officially designated one of the Kokuhei Chūsha (国幣中社), meaning that it stood in the mid-range of ranked, nationally significant shrines.

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