Izhar ul-Haqq

Izhar ul-Haqq or Izhar al-Haq (Arabic: إظهار الحق‎) is a book by Rahmatullah Kairanawi. Kairanwi had written this book in response to the allegations made by certain Christian missionaries against Islam and especially to counter Meezanul Haqq, a book written by Pfander against Islam.[1][2] The book was originally written in Arabic in 1864, this six-volume book was later translated (or summarized) into English,[3][4] Turkish,[5] Urdu and Bangla[6].

Izhar ul-Haq
AuthorRahmatullah Kairanawi

Christine Schirrmacher describes the book saying:[7]


Kairanawi made use of Western Biblical criticism as well as theological works.[7]

Urdu Translation & CommentaryEdit

Late Maulana Akbar Ali Khan of Darul Uloom Karachi translated the book in to Urdu language. Mufti Taqi Usmani wrote commentary to it. He also wrote a preface to the book which now comes as a separate book, What is Christianity?[8] The translation and commentary have been published in three volumes.[9]


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