Iyo-Ōzu Station

Iyo-Ōzu Station (伊予大洲駅, Iyo-Ōzu-eki) is a junction passenger railway station located in the city of Ōzu, Ehime Prefecture, Japan. It is operated by JR Shikoku and is the junction of two branches of the Yosan Line and hence has two station numbers "U14" and "S18".[1][2]

S18 U14
Iyo-Ōzu Station

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Iyo-Ōzu Station in 2015
General information
LocationNakamura, Ozu-shi, Ehime-ken 795-0054
Coordinates33°31′07″N 132°32′41″E / 33.5185°N 132.5447°E / 33.5185; 132.5447Coordinates: 33°31′07″N 132°32′41″E / 33.5185°N 132.5447°E / 33.5185; 132.5447
Operated byJR logo (shikoku).svg JR Shikoku
Line(s) Yosan Line
Distance243.0 km from Takamatsu
Platforms1 side + 1 island platforms
Tracks3 + several passing loops and sidings
Structure typeAt grade
Disabled accessNo - footbridge needed to access island platform
Other information
StatusStaffed - JR ticket window (Midori no Madoguchi)
Station codeU14, S18
WebsiteOfficial website
Opened14 February 1918; 104 years ago (1918-02-14)
Iyo-Ōzu Station is located in Ehime Prefecture
Iyo-Ōzu Station
Iyo-Ōzu Station
Location within Ehime Prefecture
Iyo-Ōzu Station is located in Japan
Iyo-Ōzu Station
Iyo-Ōzu Station
Iyo-Ōzu Station (Japan)


Iyo-Ōzu Station is served by the JR Shikoku Yosan Line and is located 243.0 km from the beginning of the line at Takamatsu (measured along the shorter Uchiko branch.[3] Iyo-Ōzu is the first station after the junction of two branches of the line, the older Iyonada branch along the coast and the newer, shorter inland Uchiko branch. As such it carries two station number prefixes, the "S" prefix for stations along the Iyonada branch and the "U" prefix used by stations along the Uchiko branch. Local trains serving both branches stop at the station. Eastbound local trains serving either branch terminate at Matsuyama. Connections with other services are needed to travel further east of Matsuyama on the line.[4]

In addition, the Uwakai limited express from Matsuyama to Uwajima stops at the station.[4]


The station consists of an island platform and a side platform serving three tracks. Access to the island platform is by means of a footbridge. The station building houses a waiting room, a JR ticket window (with a Midori no Madoguchi facility) and a JR Travel Centre (Warp Plaza). Car parking is available at the station. Several sidings branch off the tracks, the one beyond track 3 leading to a disused freight platform.[2][5][6][3]

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The station was opened on 14 February 1918 as Ōzu, the terminus of the private Ehime Railway (愛媛鉄道, Ehime Tetsudō) a 762 mm (2 ft 6 in) light railway line starting from Wakamiya Junction (若宮連絡所, Wakamiya-renraku-sho), near Nagahama-machi (the present Iyo-Nagahama). After the company was nationalized on 1 October 1933, Japanese Government Railways (JGR) took over the station. It was renamed Iyo-Ōzu and now formed part of the Ehime Line (愛媛線, Ehime-sen). On October 6, 1935, after the track had been re-gauged to 1,067 mm, the station became part of the Yosan Main Line. With the privatization of JNR on 1 April 1987, control of the station passed to JR Shikoku.[7][8]

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