Ivan Trush

Ivan Trush (Ukrainian: Іван Труш, pronounced as Troosh: 1869–1941) was a Ukrainian impressionist painter, a master of landscape and portraiture, an art critic, and active community patron of arts in Galicia or Halychyna - a historical region in western Ukraine. He was a son in law of Mykhailo Drahomanov.

Ivan Trush
Іван Труш
Ivan Trush.jpg
Ivan Trush as a student at Kraków Academy of Art
Born(1869-01-18)January 18, 1869
DiedMarch 21, 1941(1941-03-21) (aged 72)
Resting placeLychakiv Cemetery
Known forImpressionist painter
Portrait of Ivan Franko by Trush


Trush was born in 1869 in Vysotsko (today in Brody Raion, Lviv Oblast). His studies were undertaken between 1891-1897 at the Kraków Academy of Art under Jan Stanisławski and Leon Wyczółkowski. Trush also studied in Vienna (1894) and in Munich (1897).[1]

Starting from 1898, Trush lived and worked in Lviv where he became acquainted with Ivan Franko, a poet and writer. In 1899, his first art exhibit was presented to the public in Lviv. It was at this time that Trush became involved with the Shevchenko Scientific Society, for which he completed "a number of works of art, primarily portraits".[1]

Trush's travels took him to Italy, Egypt, and Palestine. When back at home, Trush founded and organized the first professional art societies in Galicia,[1] the Society for the Development of Rus' Art (1898), the Society of Friends of Ukrainian Art (1905) and its first exhibition of Ukrainian artists, which drew participation from Kiev-based artists.

The painter's activism, vast and dynamic creative output, numbered over 6,000 works,[1] inspired a rebirth of painting in Galicia.

Trush died in Lviv in 1941.

Contributions to artsEdit

Ivan Trush - one of the most prominent Ukrainian impressionists. He began his work with the rebirth of Galician painting. He - alongside such figures as ethnographers Volodymyr Hnatyuk, Filaret Kolessa, poet Ivan Franko, the museum's first director Illarion Svientsitsky - played a leading role in the establishment of the Lviv National Museum.[2]

In his lifetime, Trush created a multitude of portraits of famous Ukrainians. Among these are writers Vasyl Stefanyk and Ivan Franko, poet Lesya Ukrainka, political theorist Mykhailo Drahomanov, composer Mykola Lysenko, and linguist P. Zhytetskyi to name just a few.[3]


One of the streets in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk is named after him. It connects the city Market Square with Mickewicz Square.


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