Ivan Belov (commander)

Ivan Panfilovich Belov (27 June 1893 – 29 June 1938) was a Soviet Komandarm 1st rank. He was born in what is now Vologda Oblast. He fought in the Imperial Russian Army during World War I and later in the Red Army during the Russian Civil War. He received the Order of the Red Banner twice (1920 and 1921). During the Great Purge, he was one of the judges during the trial of Marshal of the Soviet Union Mikhail Tukhachevsky during the Case of Trotskyist Anti-Soviet Military Organization in June 1937. Belov was himself arrested on 7 January 1938 and later executed. After the death of Joseph Stalin, he was rehabilitated (exonerated) posthumously in 1955.

Ivan Panfilovich Belov
Born27 June 1893
Russian Empire
Died29 June 1938 (1938-06-30) (aged 45)
Soviet Union
AllegianceRussian Empire
Soviet Union
Service/branchImperial Russian Army
Soviet Red Army
Years of service1913–1917 (Russian Empire)
1918–1938 (Soviet Union)
RankKomandarm 1st rank
Commands heldNorth Caucasus Military District
Leningrad Military District
Moscow Military District
Battles/warsWorld War I
Russian Civil War
Members of Military Revolutionary Council of the USSR, Belov is 2nd from right in the back row.
Preceded by
Ieronim Uborevich
Commander of the North Caucasus Military District
Succeeded by
Nikolai Kashirin
Preceded by
Mikhail Tukhachevsky
Commander of the Leningrad Military District
Succeeded by
Boris Shaposhnikov
Preceded by
Boris Gorbachyov
Commander of the Moscow Military District
Succeeded by
Semyon Budyonny


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