Italy in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Italy debuted at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest when the twelfth edition of competition was held in Malta in 2014.[1] The Italian broadcaster, RAI, selected the debut entry of country via an internal selection as "Tu primo grande amore" by the singer Vincenzo Cantiello. Italy finished the 2014 edition with a total of 159 points and ranked first. That made Italy the second country that won with the debut entry after Croatia's victory in the first edition. Before Italy debuted, there were two entries in Italian: "Birichino", which represented Switzerland in 2004 and "O-o-o Sole intorno a me" which represented San Marino in 2013.

Member stationRai Gulp
National selection events
Internal selection
  • 2014
  • 2015 (song)
  • 2016–2019
  • 2021
National final
Participation summary
First appearance2014
Best result1st: 2014
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In 2015, the Italian broadcaster decided to participate again, this time sending the twins Chiara and Martina Scarpari to the contest. However, Italy only finished 16th in the contest, collecting 34 points. The next year, Italy achieved its second podium finishing third.

Italy withdrew from the 2020 contest because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and despite initially announcing that they will not return to the 2021 contest,[2] they ultimately announced that they will return to the 2021 contest in France.[3]

Participation overviewEdit

Table key
Third place
Year Entrant Song Language Place Points
Vincenzo Cantiello "Tu primo grande amore" Italian, English 1 159
Chiara & Martina "Viva" Italian[a] 16 34
Fiamma Boccia "Cara Mamma (Dear Mom)" Italian, English 3 209
Maria Iside Fiore "Scelgo (My Choice)" Italian, English 11 86
Melissa & Marco "What Is Love" Italian, English 7 151
Marta Viola "La voce della terra" Italian, English 7 129
TBA November 2021

Commentators and spokespersonsEdit

The contests are broadcast online worldwide through the official Junior Eurovision Song Contest website and YouTube. In 2015, the online broadcasts featured commentary in English by editor Luke Fisher and 2011 Bulgarian Junior Eurovision Song Contest entrant Ivan Ivanov.[4] The Italian broadcaster, RAI, sent their own commentators to each contest in order to provide commentary in the Italian language. Spokespersons were also chosen by the national broadcaster in order to announce the awarding points from Italy. The table below list the details of each commentator and spokesperson since 2014.

Year(s) Commentator Spokesperson Ref.
2014 Antonella Clerici and Simone Lijoi Geordie
2015 Simone Lijoi Vincenzo Cantiello
2016 Simone Lijoi and Laura Carusino Vignera Jade Scicluna
2017 Laura Carusino and Mario Acampa Sofia Bartoli
2018 Federica Carta and Mario Acampa Yan Musvidas
2019 Mario Acampa and Alexia Rizzardi Maria Iside Fiore
2020 No broadcast Did not participate
2021 TBA

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