Italian military sports bodies

The Italian military sports corps (Italian: Corpi Sportivi Militari Italiani, abbreviated C.S.), are the sports sections of the Italian Armed Forces and Polizia.

Chiara Cainero (Gruppo Sportivo Forestale), awarded by the Italian president Giorgio Napolitano.

Athletes edit

Athletes affiliated with one of the military sports bodies receive a rank and salary equivalent to servicemen. They also receive basic military training, although the majority of their training is sport-specific and usually takes place in one of the military sports centers. 194 of the 290 athletes that represented Italy at the 2012 Summer Olympics belonged to a military sports body.[1]

Corpi Sportivi edit

The Corpi Sportivi (military sports bodies), in Italy are affiliated with Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI).[2]

Sport body Force Founded Notes
Armed forces
C.S. Esercito Italian Army 1960
G.S. Marina Militare Italian Navy 1952
C.S. Aeronautica Militare Italian Air Force 1964
C.S. Carabinieri Carabinieri 1964
Police forces
G.S. Fiamme Oro Polizia di Stato 1954
G.S. Fiamme Gialle Guardia di Finanza 1881
G.S. Fiamme Azzurre Polizia Penitenziaria 1983
G.S. Fiamme Rosse Vigili del Fuoco 2013 [3]
Old bodies
G.S. Forestale State Forestry Corps 1955 In 2017 it joined the C.S. Carabinieri.[4]

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