Italian Minister for Sport

The Minister for Sport (Italian: Ministro per lo Sport) in Italy is one of the positions in the Italian government.

The current minister is Vincenzo Spadafora, who held the office since 5 September 2019.[1]

List of MinistersEdit


  Democratic Party   Five Star Movement   Independent


  Centre-right coalition   Centre-left coalition   Mixed coalition

Portrait Term of office Political Party Government
Minister for Youth Policies and Sport
Giovanna Melandri
(1962– )
  17 May 2006 8 May 2008 Democrats of the Left/
Democratic Party
Prodi II
Office not in use 2008–2001 Berlusconi IV
Minister for Tourism, Sport and Regional Affairs
Piero Gnudi
(1938– )
  16 November 2011 28 April 2013 Independent Monti
Minister for Equal Opportunities, Sport and Youth Policies
Josefa Idem
(1964– )
  28 April 2013 27 June 2013 Democratic Party Letta
Office not in use 2013–2016 Renzi
Minister for Sport
Luca Lotti
(1982– )
  12 December 2014 1 June 2018 Democratic Party Gentiloni
Office not in use 2018–2019 Conte I
Minister for Sport and Youth Policies
Vincenzo Spadafora
(1974– )
  5 September 2019 Incumbent Five Star Movement Conte II